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    Seattle Live aboard-gctid781377

    Hello to NW BOC'ers

    May have opportunity to work in Seattle

    In short, would like to know if there is live aboard opportunities in the immediate area of Seattle.

    If possible could you also add and good and/or bad points.

    We are from NE and have no experience with Seattle so would appreciate any thoughts

    PS posted on Motor yacht forum as well in case not everyone views this site

    Ron O'Blenis
    B 38 175 Hinos 1989
    On Great Loop

    My first question is work where in Seattle? Just like renting an apartment or buying a home, the commute is a huge factor. Seattle and its surrounding cities can be a real challenge getting from one to another so if you are moored near the locks and you job is actually in West Seattle, you are going to be in your car for an hour each way a lot of work days. If you job is actually in Edmonds, the port there has limited liveaboards. As far as the good and bad parts, I would be reluctant to moor in Rainier Beach, but most of threat is more about parking and pump out.

    Give us a better idea of where the job is located and we can give you a better idea. Also, what kind of boat you are thinking of. Is your job one where you would live aboard full time or sporadically. That kind of stuff.
    P/C Pete
    Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
    1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
    Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
    1980 Encounter Sunbridge "Misty Blue" (Sold)
    MMSI 367770440
    1972 Chevrolet Nova Frame off Resto-mod in the garage
    Boating on the Salish Sea since 1948


      Thanks for the reply

      The office is located in downtown Seattle - On Union Street - between the waterfront and I-5

      You hit on one of my issues about the commute - don't want to get into a long daily grind of car travel

      RE the boat, we have a Bayliner 38 now, but would plan to buy something out here.

      Think the 38 would be the minimum size for a full time year round liveaboard , was thinking something in the 45 foot range would be good.

      Thanks in advance for addition responses

      Ron O'Blenis
      B 38 175 Hinos 1989
      On Great Loop


        I lived in the bellevue side of seattle. (recently moved to cinci).

        short answer: it is very difficult to obtain live aboard moorage

        in the lake union area. Also, parking is a major problem in the

        marinas around lake union.

        Its a two pronged problem. liveaboard permission and car

        parking. getting rid of your car would help.

        if you don't already live there and moore there, you are a thousand

        people low on the waiting list.

        I firmly believe that one could bribe their way to the top of the list.

        that would be expensive and some are not willing to play that game.

        If you have a Mega yacht and pay 5 to 10 grand a month you

        can get liveaboard (and parking will be solved because your

        own private pier will also be your parking).

        at the below-megaYacht-level, you are competing against

        thousands of others who want to do the same thing and they

        already live and moore their boats on the fresh water side of the locks

        and they are not yet liveaboards.

        What you want to do is common and logical: i.e. it is reasonable desire.

        but, others are onto that idea too.

        I extensively looked at doing it in seattle and NYC and it is hard to do

        unless you are willing to pay big money (and you're still competing

        against others who have big money in a big-money territory).
        Novurania 335DL. 30HP. WKRP in cincinnati. Previously: Bayliner 3818 in PNW.


          another idea that I researched heavily:

          live on bainbridge island and take the ferry to seattle for work.

          if you aren't physically fit, the walking part of this idea may

          pose a problem.

          it has some car related logistic problems (such as getting

          TO the ferry terminal on bainbridge with all the other folks).

          The cars cause traffic jams. If you could live near the ferry

          terminal and walk: that is gold.

          i'm suggesting a small apt on bainbridge and mooring there

          and taking the ferry. what I looked at was buying a house

          with a dock and taking a ferry. there are few homes for sale

          on bainbridge that have docs or mooring balls.

          it is a tough nut to crack.
          Novurania 335DL. 30HP. WKRP in cincinnati. Previously: Bayliner 3818 in PNW.


            A way to make this work at a reasonable cost: get a super, super, TINY

            apt or boarding arangement and as big a boat as practical. make the

            boat a plush palace. you'd be there most of the time (it is a really cool

            environment on the water down there on lake union). spend a few

            nights a week at the tiny apt. you'd get mail at apt (or at a private PO

            box that is away from marina). the marina's concept of whether or not

            you are liveabord is a mix of factors: spending too many nights on board,

            being too visible on a continuous basis at the marina (car parking is a

            problem - they don't want your car there all the time), trying to get or

            receive mail and shipments AT the marina (a no-no). Having lots of

            friends visit often also a red flag. Basically, your role as a liveaboard is

            that you are an active ambassador of the marina and you keep an eye

            out for the marina and the other (regular) slip owners. you need to be

            a trusted entity for the marina in order to have this role. all that adds up

            to TIME that you are in the game.

            lots of folks are there in front of you in line already. if not explicitly for

            the few liveaboard slips..... then, for the best location slips. people

            get into the marina in typically the worst slips and then go on waiting

            list for "better" slips.
            Novurania 335DL. 30HP. WKRP in cincinnati. Previously: Bayliner 3818 in PNW.


              Bremerton and Port Orchard on the west side of Puget Sound both have excellent marinas with very east access to ferries. Walking onto the ferry and either walking to the office or riding the bus up the hill avoids the car commute; moorage is also cheaper on that side of the Sound.

              We liveaboard full time in Tacoma (on Aspen1888's previous boat, a 3818), and love it. From here, Express buses or the Sounder trains offer alternatives to car commuting. Liveaboard moorage anywhere near downtown Seattle is very hard to find and IMHO exorbitantly expensive.
              Drew Haas
              1998 4788 "Painkiller"


                Aspen hit the proverbial nail on the head. Also, just the regular cost of moorage on Lake Union is significant- like big house payment. Ther may be alternatives in the Ballard area along with bus transportation to downtown. That would include Shilsole Marina that is outside of the locks. You are probably going to be looking at the public transportation system anyway, just make your circle a little larger. I'm not sure about Elliot Bay Marina, also in salt water.

                My daughter works at 3rd and Stewart and has parking included, which also means she ends up doing errands that really should be done by others, but they bus in, so she has to do it. It can take her as long to get to the freeway, she lives north, as the rest of the trip home. It's not impossible, just challenging.
                P/C Pete
                Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
                1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
                Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
                1980 Encounter Sunbridge "Misty Blue" (Sold)
                MMSI 367770440
                1972 Chevrolet Nova Frame off Resto-mod in the garage
                Boating on the Salish Sea since 1948


                  Have many friends liveboard full time at our home port Foss harbour. Waiting list is more than 30 at this point, 3 to 10 years waiting list.

                  Up the waterway, not even one spot moved during the past 3years at Delan marina.

                  More than 10YR waiting list around Seattle I would imagine.
                  Joon, Kathy, Jaden & Tristan
                  Uniflite 42 AC, DD 671N
                  93 3058 sold
                  92 2855 (day boat)
                  91 Fourwinns 205 (lake boat)
                  Longbranch WA
                  Life is Good


                    Thanks to all that responded.

                    The short answer seems to be to not expect ability to get a liveaboard slip near downtown.

                    Thanks for the thoughts on getting a slip and small apartment - might work - but worried about the total cost of the arrangement.

                    Will look at suggestions for moving way from the city.

                    If any one has any other additional thoughts would be much appreciated.


                    Ron O'Blenis
                    B 38 175 Hinos 1989
                    On Great Loop


                      The Seattle area gets cheaper quickest if you're south of the city. I have a friend who lives aboard a 50 on Lake Union. He doesn't pay that much. I can find out more if you like. Also, Des Moines Marina to the south has a waiting list for most sizes, but is reasonably priced. I have another friend that has a 30 ft covered slip there but currently has no boat.
                      1997 2858 7.4 B2
                      1992 Hewescraft
                      Puyallup, WA


                        Yes, there are marinas, mostly on Lake Union, within the city, that have live-aboard moorage. Also, city owned Shilshole Marina on salt side of the locks. May be hard to find, but there are floating homes and barge homes also rented on Portage Bay and Lake Union. You might mention if you have a boat to moor or looking to rent one. Some condo marinas where slips are individually owned sometimes for sale, however somewhat limited for living aboard. Cost typically $1500-2000 per foot plus monthly HOA fees and real estate tax. My 32 foot slip next to Queen City Yacht Club is $67 dues and $12 tax / month. Generally, closer to the locks, higher the price. Hope this helps.
                        Ned Porges / Seattle


                          By the way, almost forgot, there is a live aboard, around 40 feet, immaculate for sale at secure Leschi Marina North on Lake WA. Plenty parking, and bus in front to downtown; restaurants, shopping groceries, Starbucks etc, within a three minute walk. Asking for boat about $45-50K monthly moorage $350/mo includes water, electricity, and free pump out service comes to your boat. Boat is broker listed. I am moored there so somewhat familiar with the situation. Hope this helps.
                          Ned Porges / Seattle



                            Thank you all for the great responses.

                            Ned - thanks for the info on a specific liveaboard opportunity - It really does help - if things move quickly I will follow-up - just the type of situation that I was thinking about.

                            The opportunity for me is still not definitive - but one of the key issues is being able to know if living aboard would be an opinion.

                            All the ideas seem to point to it is possible - but will require some leg work - and also choice on where to keep the boar.

                            One of the comments was planning to pick a location away from the City - that is possibility so long as I don't have to drive into he City.

                            As we get more close to knowing if the opportunity will become real and the timeframe I will again seek your comments and help.

                            Thanks Much

                            Ron O'Blenis
                            B 38 175 Hinos 1989
                            On Great Loop


                              Leschi would be good. I used to like Park Shore. Not sure what it's like now, haven't been in there for a few years.
                              Ted G
                              The Great PNW

                              86 2850 Contessa SB
                              Designers Edition
                              Mercury 350 Mag
                              290 Volvo DP