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    A Change From SaltWater to Fresh-gctid750143

    For many years, the Admiral and I have cruised in saltwater; Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Caribbean and South Pacific. We always enjoyed our passages and our three vessels over the years meeting new friends, new adventures and just plain enjoying life on the water. But this year was to be different. During previous conversations with boating friends, we realized that we have a rather limited time left to physically be able to enjoy our boating life and there were many other bodies of water we had not yet discovered; inland to the seas.

    Since those discussions and months/years talking about it, we have discovered many rivers and waterways and just to name a few rivers: Suwannee; Mobile; Black Warrior; Tom Bigbee Waterway; Tennessee; Mississippi; And to name a few lakes: Superior, Michigan, St. Joe, Spokane and currently living on and exploring Lakes Coeur D' Alene and Pend Oreille.

    The living is easier on fresh water in that boat maintenance is drastically reduced since you don't have the corrosion and/or growth top-side and bottom-side, but with a boat and trailer just over 10ft wide, traveling overland from one location to another can be a challenge. Traveling from Florida to Idaho, a six day journey, we had to apply for 11 oversize permits in 11 states. Some only charged $10 but others were as high as $46. Most of the permits could be accomplished over the internet, but 3 had to be done by calling into the state DOT an hour before entering, recieve an authorization to enter number and then stop at the Port of Entry to obtain the permit. This is not for the impatient!

    Emptying our bucket list has been an interesting journey so far and full of experiences we would not trade for anything. The beauty of the land, mountains and water, cannot be fully described. Needless to say emptying the bucket list has been extremely rewarding for us. We anticipate several more years of active boating; At 72, everything takes longer to achieve, but it gives us more time to enjoy the beauty of the journey. For those of you who never gave inland boating a thought, I encourage you to do this venture. Every corner holds beauty of a different kind from the last one you experienced.

    Our next move hasn't been set, but it will be prior to the 1st snow fall in this region and it will be in a southerly direction working our way back to Florida. We will let yawl know what that next place will be when the Admiral approves our next destination.

    Safe Boating to All

    Lake Powell should be at the top of your list while west of the Rockies. Lake Tahoe and the California Delta (Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers) are also very worth while. And if you come to Lake Havasu, we'll show you around...
    Jeff & Tara
    (And Ginger too)
    Lake Havasu City, AZ

    2000 Bayliner 3388
    Cummins 4bta 250s

    In memory of Shadow, the best boat dog ever. Rest in peace, girl. July 2, 2010


      Thank you JeffW,

      All good suggestions and in our bucket list. Haven't decided yet on our next destination, but will be doing so before end of August. I will let you know. Thanks for your feedback.


        I lived in a community called Discovery Bay, CA. on the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta for 18 years. Highly recommend this area for boating.