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    boatworkfl wrote:
    I cannot imagine taking 11 peaple out on a 21' boat; did I miss-read this?
    It is rated for 11. We don't do it. It has a 5.0. 8 is usually the number.


      A quick calculation - my info says that bigger boaters put on about 40 hours a year - from my own boats PO - 40 hours average at around 3 gallons an hour for my type at hull speed or a bit better equals 120 gallons - go up a dollar a gallon- that's 120 bucks more - in comparison to other costs of operation? - I do not like it but I will not become a non boater because of it


        Some good responses... I'm in agreement that although the high prices are discouraging, it will make only a small dent in my overall boating activities. I am far invested in the boat (purchase price of boat, slip fees, maintenance, upgrades, insurance, etc.), so an extra few hundred dollars over the summer is small compared to the grand scheme of things.

        Also, my marina is less than a nautical mile from the popular anchorage cove that many of my other boater friends hang out. We rarely cruise more than 10 miles in a given day.


          Latest price in Brisbane is $1.50/litre

          No point in having a boat to look at in the shed.

          We will continue to use it as often as we can.


            I like to trailer my boat to different lakes, itÔÇÖs my hobby to stay the weekend at a new lake and explore it. So I get the double gas whammy. If the government wants to artificially raise the price of gas, then so be it, im not going to stop doing what I enjoy.


              We don't go very far from port most of the time. The fishing spot is only five miles away and the party cove is just around the corner. We spend most of our time at hull speed. We only take a few longer trips (70--100 miles round trip) a season. Guess I'll try running on one engine and switching back and forth every hour while at hull speed.