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Seat pedestal conversion ideas for cooler space-gctid357083

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  • Nigels
    Thanks Hikepat I had seen these but not what I had in mind, if I had no seats they would work great.

    I want to reuse the original seat and swivel mechanism if possible but with a shortened or modified pillar bolted down onto some kind of new bracket probably fixed horizontally to the portside cockpit wall with legs to the floor at the other end of the bracket, leaving some useable space underneath for a stand alone cooler.

    This is my seat. Unfortunately the photo does not show the pedestal all the way to the floor, its the only one I have.

    And this is something like what I want to acheive but using my original seat.Perhaps someone has allready done this mod.

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    Guest replied
    Look up Pontoon boat cooler seats for the photo this is the rest on and see if it fits the bill.

    Found this one on but same unit for sale with the same look up. Sorry I could not get phote to cut and past.

    Our Price: $355.91 Premium Pontoon 70 Quart Flip Flop Cooler Seat, Marble-Midnite-Charcoal - Wise Boat Seats

    Compare at $448.78

    You Save: $92.87

    (20% Off)

    Part # WD990-840

    I looked on line a lot for my own needs and this was the closest prebuilt single seat free standing with storage under it I found.

    Been trying to decide if to build me own or go with this type of unit. Was not planning to store food but things such as power cords and deck lines within.

    The free standing is the important part since most single seat set ups with storage are not free standing but made to mount with wall of aome type behind it to help support the weight,

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  • Seat pedestal conversion ideas for cooler space-gctid357083

    My 99 Trophy 2052 port side seat sits on a vertical pedestal which wastes space. I have seen some boats (photos) where the seat sits on a frame that allows a decent size cooler to slide underneath.

    Any ideas how to acheive this or knowledge of any kits, all suggestions greatly appreciated.