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  • hairline cracks-gctid357038

    I posted some photos of these last summer but unfortunately I cannot locate them again.

    Anyway - there are a couple of hairline cracks on the dop deck right near the entrance door to galley on my 2001-2455 (exactly where my big donkey feet step to get to the fore deck).

    I seems like it a fairly benign issue and commonly fixed by using a dremmel or tip of a can opener to open up the crack and then patch.

    My problem is, I get quite a variety of answers on what exactly to use. Patch paste, regular gel coat, two part mixed epoxy etc. etc.

    Has anyone done this cosmetic fix. What product did you use (where did you get it and how much is useful info). Photos (before and after) along with idiot proof instructions would be great!

    (at the risk of jumping threads: I overcome my own ADHD and slightly autistic, so detailed step by step instructions are of great assistance. Especially for cosmetic work in such a visible area)

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    To all you Boaters in winter wonderlands - it is almost time!!!!


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    I have a few hairline cracks also on the side of my '93 2655 and also around the area you're talking. Some are almost unnoticeable, while one on the side is pretty visible but only when you're up close. I just left those, but patched several other chips/dings using matched patch paste. In the areas where I did my part and sanded properly, it looks very good and could still be better if you are very careful. ONe thing I ran into was sanding through the surrounding gelcoat right at the edges of chips which exposed what seemed to be a bluish primer. If it starts showing up, be very careful cause its hard to get to go away after that point.