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EPIRB saves 3 lives-gctid341828

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  • EPIRB saves 3 lives-gctid341828

    An EPIRB leads to rescue of guy and his 2 sons:

    "EPIRB - Don't leave the dock without it!"

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    Even though we don't plan to go out into open seas I have an EPIRB aboard and not just the cheap ones as they only provide position information to a few miles and that's a lot of sea to search.

    I'd say don't take risks with your lives or others, get an EPIRB with built-in GPS and have it somewhere you can get to it fast.

    Its scary to think that at any time when we're out boating we're potentially less than a minute from floating in the sea with no boat to be seen :O

    Maybe it's a good time for us all to check the positive floatation rating for our boats and think about some 'what if' scenarios.


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      I've always taken a rental EPIRB on ocean trips and we have a SPOT for use on our home lake. I really wouldn't want to be without it. The lake is big and there have been cases of people being stranded for days in remote locations. There are plenty of places where neither a cell or VHF is going to get enough range to reach anyone unless they are near you. I don't know of any deaths that resulted from it, but still wouldn't want to be in that situation.