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    want to sell me boat insurance?-gctid356580

    i just switched to Boat US. read some good comments on boating forums.

    Well got them my survey and they were all over me of course. But their initial was $300 Liability and i need $500k at my marina. No problem he said i'll runt your credit card for the initial then a second one for the difference for the year.

    that never happened.

    So i call back and the nice young man had put in the notes to charge me but no one ever did. so finally get that done.


    I get a notice in the mail i am required to be a member and pay $24.

    I knew that but 'assumed' that was in the initial.


    so i wanted to talk to a supervisor. Not avail; on another call but 'i am sending him an email and noting your account you would like a call back between xx and xx time tomorrow' (a four hour window in between meetings).

    never called. That was last week.

    I figure if they cant effectively take my money i sure aint gonna have success when they need to give me money.

    PM me with an email addy and i'll forward my policy limits and such and we'll talk. Thanks.

    We should be able to help....


      Huh, I've had great service from Boat US insurance. About equal to what I got from USPS insurance, which was also excellent.


        SwampNut wrote:
        Huh, I've had great service from Boat US insurance. About equal to what I got from USPS insurance, which was also excellent.
        Same here. Have always been lowest cost the times I have compared for three different boats. I had one claim in 2000 and it was handled superbly by Boat US.


          one would think....

          Thats why i went with them in the first place (besides getting ripped off by Progressive).

          Last boat I used SkiSafe and actually did have a claim and they were excellent. I went with Progressive as they were the USAA referral for my boat.

          I wanted to use them, but two strikes is an out in my game and this is supposed to be the easy part; I am trying to GIVE THEM MY MONEY.

          If the cost is $100 more a year but i dont have to worry about it both paying them and any issue that would arise - I'm all in.

          I need easy in my life and I can now afford it.

          I do have a name of an agency from my other 'boating' forum (see link below) so i'll check them out too. I think he has been using them for a couple decades so is worth a look.


            Pau Hana,

            Remember he is named REDNECK JOE


              I haven't gotten a quote from Boat US for insurance in quite some time, but last time I did, they were pretty high.

              I recently got a quote from Progressive. They were very high compared to what I'm paying now with Travelers.


                We switched to Traveler's last year because BoatUS price got way out of hand. Traveler's is saving me at 30% over my previous BoatUS policy.


                  Done and strangely I don't feel like I've been molested...

                  Thanks Rick.


                    Really, how much can it cost to insure this thing?

                    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/663225=25306-redneck joe.jpg[/img]


                      man i remember wanting to buy one of those mercs back in the day. The swept forward look is still way cooooool...


                        As a general rule, BOATUS is much higher in Florida. They cite our year round boating season.

                        However, a friend who had an incident really prases the service they gave him to settle the claim.
                        Captharv 2001 2452
                        "When the draft of your boat exceeds the depth of water, you are aground"


                          Florida has then damn devil winds called hurricanes that are a primary reason for the sky- high rates....


                            Speaking of boat Insurance, I have a running argument with a friend that perhaps Pau Hana can settle?

                            The person has a 58' glass hull Hatteras with Detroit engines. shortly after he purchased it one of the engines bit the dust. the boat was not insured then, nor is it to this day. He has not had a survey done.

                            He says he can't insure the boat because of the partially dissembled and un-repaired engine. I say he can with a valuation survey.



                              Tell your friend to get the vessel surveyed to establish condition and valuation. At the time of survey, ensure the surveyor notes in the survey the repair in progress, and that the vessel will be reattended ater the survey is complete. The vessel can now be insured for the current value, and the value can be adjusted/increased after the work is completed, and the surveyor revisits the boat.

                              We do this all the time.