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Cheap 2452 in Florida-gctid355674

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    Cheap 2452 in Florida-gctid355674

    Anyone in Florida looking for one of these?

    It pains me to see how cheap these are out there when they are priced for 20k in the Pacific Northwest.:sorrow::sorrow::sorrow::sorrow:

    She's in rough shape. If that's black mold, there is a bit of work to be done in the cabin.


      onthelake wrote:
      She's in rough shape. If that's black mold, there is a bit of work to be done in the cabin.
      Sheesh. I should say. Looks like it hasn't been cared for at all


        It is a boat that has been donated to "charity." There is a reason someone donates a boat in lieu of selling it. You could easily put $10K to $15K into this boat and bring it back to life; and then, it will be worth just that much or possibly less. It's not a bargain by any means; and if somebody ends up with that boat thinking they got a good deal, they're in for a big surprise.


          eweh... hope they have fun... for $2k, its not that bad...
          Doug ;}
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            Black mold and green mold, engines last started in 2005, looks like it will clean up, but the engine may be an issue.

            Boat Angel raised their processing fee to $249.00. Bit on the high side for a donated boat.

            Look up the FL registration and contact the owner for info.
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              I read on:

              "Owner states engine last run 2006"

              "Owner states engine does not run"

              Etc, Etc.

              Somebody donated it to charity because they could not sell it at any price.

              Does that sum it up?
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                24 bids. Someone wants it. The right person can do all the work and probably not invest very much.


                  If it wasnt on the wrong side of the country I would be bidding on it.

                  Spend a day takling it apart and pressure washing all the mold away. Then move on to the motor/outdrive. If the motor is toast, put in a long block for around 4k.

                  That tandem axle galvanized trailer alone is worth 2k.


                    If no rot, I would be all over that.

                    My boat looked almost that bad until about a year ago. It was a lot of work but it cleaned up better than expected. A rering job and lots of work and it works great.