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    New boater in the family !-gctid355568

    I am a proud Grandpa of a 5 month old little girl, My question is when should I introduce her into boating ?



    Congrats Marc! I guess the question we should be asking you is why haven't you introduced her yet? There is no such thing as being to young to boat, in my opinion. My son was 1 year old when we bought our first boat and I regret not getting into boating sooner. The baby will feel a sense of peace when on the water, no matter how young she is. I recently read a blog about a woman who raised two kids (both from the day they were born) on a 30' sailboat; and now her kids (pre-teenagers) are ecstatic about being around the water. My son goes through withdrawals when we are away from our boat for a long time. It's a good thing to be addicted to; so get them hooked as soon as possible!


      There's no restriction on that for as long as you take good care of your kid. I think it has no effect whether you introduce him at an early age in your family's boat because it will be an ordinary thing for him since he couldn't understand yet though a baby can sense for sure. What's important is when the time comes that he can already interact with you explain further everything about boating so when he grow up he will love water and appreciate nature more than anyone else.


        We took our daughter out before she was born. When my wife was pregnant and we went out on the boat, and we were out for a while, she said she would stop feeling the baby moving. Now eight years later when we take our youngest daughter out on the boat, the boat ride will still lull her to sleep.

        Just make sure you have an infant size pfd for the five month old. Be careful of the sun.
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          And, there is no time like the present :arr


            Congrats Grandpa!!! My GP taught me to fish and my son's GP taught him to fish (I did not own a boat at the time) and I taught my grandson how to fish...

            If you have not already, you need to start that kind of history... and take lots of embarrassing photos of your grand daughter for future use when she is 18 and knows everything...
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              They make infant child vests. This introduces her to the idea of wearing one. I have seen where people have added seat belts so they can strap in a child seat...we did not do that. Ashleigh was on the boat before she was 1. Sydney was 1 1/2. (one of our non-splash years)

              And congrats on the granddaughter!
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                CONGRATULATIONS Marc!

                I'm sure that she is BEAUTIFUL

                All my BEST to you all......



                  Thank you everyone ! I was planning on introducing her to boating this spring but I wan't sure 8 months was old enough. But I plan on giving it a try and she how she likes it. Just hope she doesn't take after her mother who I have to take kicking and screaming to the unless its a cruise ship where she gets waited on hand and


                    Congratulations grandkids are great, our oldest was on the boat & in the water at 5 months. His sister was on a 300 mile river trip when she was 7 months. They always wear a pfd anytime their out of the cabin. Get them used to wearing a pfd right away then it is automatic to put it on & they don't complain, it also doesn't hurt to set a good example. I just bought him a Sospenders pfd now that he's over 50 lbs. My daughter asked him awhile back what he wanted to do and he told her "I want to be with papa on the little boat at the shallows" i'am pretty sure he got the boating DNA.
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                      I saw this text for a speaking event at the Yacht Club next door to my marina.

                      'This past summer Tor and Jessica Bjorklund sailed their homebuilt gaff rigged 32ÔÇ▓ steel ketch north to Alaska. As crew they had along their twin boys Lars and Odin, departing just a few days after the boys' first birthday. 2,700 miles and four months later a great many lessons were learned. They will share some tips for travelling with toddlers, magic anchorages along the way, finding block ice and Laundromats, insights on weather, anchoring in fjords and navigating in ice fields. Even a bit on building the boat. They've taken the minimalist approach (no refrigeration, no pressure or hot water, manual windlass, and few electronics) and are eager to communicate why you shouldn't hesitate to go now, with the boat you have, and the gear you have aboard.'

                      I had to read it three times before I even noticed the word homebuilt!

                      I think I managed a 2 hour stretch on my bow-rider last summer with my 1 year old...


                        Hey,,,,,,Where's a pic of this kid anyway???

                        Film's pretty cheap these days, ya know! rod

                        I think it's time to get on the stick

                        YES to bringing the little one,,,,, even if your boat is just tied to the dock. A couple naps & pukes in there and that baby will be right at home......


                          Congratulations! I took my oldest daughter (turns 27 this week) out for her first overnight boat trip when she was 5 › weeks old. I took her on a three week trip to desolation sound when she was five months old. At that time we were on a 21' GlasPly cuddy cabin but met up with the grandparents for creature comforts. The younger they are the less they move around. I say get a good life jacket and go for it. Enjoy.
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