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Anybody use Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0?-gctid354126

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  • Anybody use Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0?-gctid354126

    Spring is around the corner, and I'm gathering all the info I can about dealing with heavy oxidation. I will start out with 3M Super Duty Compound to see if that is aggressive enough. If not, I will go the wet sanding route. Either way, after the Super duty, I will use 3M Marine rubbing compound followed by Finess-it II.

    I notice a lot of you here then go to a wax, like Collinite, but no-one mentions using a sealant like Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0.

    I have read that a wax can trap air between the freshly polished gell coat and can oxidize again, so I would think that a sealant would do the trick.

    Just wondering why no-one mentions synthetic sealers.

    If you do use the sealer, do you wax over that?

    Hopefully I can start mid or late March as it's been a mild winter here in New England.


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    I am using their "ultra" on my new truck, you need to follow the instructions and make 2 different applications, if not it may show some streaking as it did on my truck a dark gray. Works best with a power applicator, my first coat was by hand, could be the reason for streaking. This is the type of finish used on Barrett Jacksons auction cars on TV. You must let it get very dry or it will rub off, my truck looks great after waxing.

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      "If you do use the sealer, do you wax over that?"

      Good questions...

      Yes we use a sealent on the boat - we use 'Gel coat labs' gel coat sealant with very good results the past 5 seasons.

      We do not wax over the sealant as that would defeat part of the purpose of using the sealent - to avoid black streaks and other dirt attractions.

      You need to have a pretty good surface before using the sealants as most have little of no cutting agents in them for cleaning.

      We have used Meguirs sealants on painted surfaces (cars/ trucks) as they suggest with good results as well.

      We have not tried paint sealants on gel coat.

      Hope this helps
      Northport NY


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        I have used acrylic sealers for more than 15 years, first on my vehicles and more recently on my boats.

        I don't know where some of the advice you're getting is coming from, but it's mostly BS.

        Your technique is right on and your choice of materials is also.

        A few things to remember, if you haven't allready: polishing is a "mechanical" process where you grind off the oxidized layer of gelcoat, usually in a number of steps, and restore the shine. Waxing/sealing provides a barrier between the gelcoat and the atmosphere to keep it from oxidizing again; this is a "chemical" process where the sealer bonds at a molecular level with the surface to which it is applied. There is no benefit to using a machine to apply this product. It is perfectly acceptable to add wax, like carnauba, over the sealant. This is called "layering" and it is a favorite detailers' trick to produce a deep shine.

        If you want to see the ultimate, check out Todd's (nehallania's) work - he is the master.


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          freedre, "It is perfectly acceptable to add wax, like carnauba, over the sealant. This is called "layering" and it is a favorite detailers' trick to produce a deep shine."

          I have been visiting a lot of detailing sites that mostly agree with you as far as wax over sealant, so I've got my plan. Will have to wait a few more weeks before I get to try it out, but will report back.

          1- Duragloss Marine & RV cleaner with mildew buster #541.

          2- 3M Suprer Duty Compound - (hopefully, if not, wet sand)

          3 - 3M Marine Rubbing Compound

          4 - Finess-it II Glaze

          5- Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0

          6- Collinite Fiberglass Boat Wax #925

          It's a 1985 Trophy 2160 Alaskan Hardtop, so it shouldn't take me too long



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            Well, spent the day shopping and have gathered everything I need to do this. Polisher, pads, micro-fiber towels, cleaners, compounds , sealant and wax, and everything in between - just under $200.00

            Just need some sunny warm days and one of them big fat see-gars for when I'm done. Maybe the end of March? We'll see.



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              Hello spinaxis,

              I see you are in Ct and we get up there all the time - it is a great place to boat we especially like Hamburg Cove just up from Essex.

              I our experience layering adds a touch of gloss for a reaoably large amount of effort which we do use on one of our cars but find the effort/reward to be hard to justify with boats.

              The waxes just seem to take too much of a beating from the exposed weather and they do tend to blackstreak and hold onto dirt requiring more soap and scrubbing which in turn removes the wax quicker.

              Perhaps if you just leave one part of the boat like a rear quarter and instead of layering that one piece put a second coat of sealer on after the 1st is at least a day old - then compare that spot to the other side for the season and see how it works out for you.

              FWIW - we originally got the idea from talking to one of the owners of "premium boat care" a number of years ago.

              Premiun boat care is one good supplier of boating wheels, waxes, sealants, cutting agents and the like.

              Happy boating - hope to see you out there having a good time.

              "No Worries"
              Northport NY


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                I was planning on two coats of sealer, a day apart, and the wax. But I think I will try out one side like you said. Or I might not wax at all depending on what it looks like after the sealer, and how tired I will be of the project.

                Thanks for the info.