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    Garmin partners with Active Captain-gctid353167

    Just received this in my email, thought I'd pass it along:

    On Tuesday, February 14th, Garmin International issued a press release

    announcing a new product and a new partnership with ActiveCaptain. The

    product is called BlueChart Mobile and is an iPhone/iPad planning tool

    with full international chart support and integration into the Garmin

    network of chartplotters. The product is announced to be free. You pay

    for chart regions as needed. It provides integration for route planning

    and totally integrates with the real-time, synchronized data from the

    ActiveCaptain servers. It does not require Garmin chartplotters but has

    extra capabilities if you also have other Garmin hardware.

    Adding Garmin as a software partner represents a new level of offline

    support for ActiveCaptain data. It's a major advancement to move into

    the normal chartplotter world and we're so incredibly honored that

    Garmin selected ActiveCaptain for it.

    What this means to boaters...

    We expect the Garmin connection to ActiveCaptain to cause a doubling of

    users in 2012. New users will come from all over the world given the

    tremendous international chart support that Garmin brings. Our efforts

    at extending our international data in Europe and throughout the world

    will get a shot in the arm as many more users are available to add to

    the data and create reviews. The same marina, anchorage, hazard, and

    local knowledge information will be available no matter where your

    cruising takes you.

    The large number of new users will also greatly expand the crowd of

    our crowdsourced data. There will be more people keeping the data

    current and adding their own experiences for your exploration. This

    will mean better data and more information.

    What this means to marinas...

    You need to check your marker to make sure your information is complete

    and up-to-date. Your data will be spread far and wide with a full

    synchronization capability to update items like pricing even when

    boaters are out cruising. Keep your slip and fuel pricing current. When

    you change your fuel pricing, have a policy that updates your

    ActiveCaptain price data immediately. This is easy and free and will

    generate business and eliminate phone calls asking about price.

    Marinas should also subscribe to "The Marina Minute". This is our

    new weekly newsletter and blog to help marinas navigate this

    electronic world with basic marketing information and social media

    explanations. It's time for some marinas to take reputation management

    seriously, study their reviews, and work on fixing issues when boaters

    are giving a consistent message.

    Marinas should call or contact us - we want to help you.

    What else is behind the scenes...

    The technical implementation of integrating Garmin into the update

    and synchronization server scheme caused some major development to

    happen. As the user base doubles, we don't want performance on the

    website or with any other partner product to suffer. A big partner

    like Garmin could have caused that. So we designed and created a

    new distributed architecture for the synchronization of our data.

    Garmin users do not take resources from the ActiveCaptain server.

    Instead, our servers synchronize with Garmin servers and the Garmin

    servers communicate with their users. This removes the communications

    burden from our system and allows the potential for tremendous growth.

    This new synchronization technique has been alive and working

    continuously for over 2 months. We seriously doubt anyone has been

    able to notice a degradation of speed or responsiveness.

    As with everything ActiveCaptain, none of this would have happened

    without all of you - the users who make ActiveCaptain real. We get

    a lot of credit but we're just a tool creator. It is all of you who

    make the system come alive and become useful. We're the paint brush

    maker. You are the Michelangelo's.


    Garmin's press release:

    ActiveCaptain's press release:

    To sign up for The Marina Minute:

    The Marina Minute archive:
    2007 Discovery 246
    The "BAY-BEA"

    Garmin's new app is being formally announced at the Miami International Boat Show (Feb. 16-20, 2012) and will be shown in Garmin's booth (#1689). ActiveCaptain support will be demonstrated with live data.

    2007 Discovery 246
    The "BAY-BEA"