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Russia(39)s answerer to the Hercules (Spruce Goose) ??-gctid352976

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    Russia(39)s answerer to the Hercules (Spruce Goose) ??-gctid352976
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    so..ah...what did you type in the search bar when you went looking for THAT?


      the ekranoplan or what was commonly called the Caspian sea monster....saw intelligence reports of this thing back in the 80' was supposed to be the fast assault vehicle ..the thing could carry a m55 tank and right up to a beach and disgorge them ....the thing never got above 50 ft above the water....flies on surface effects......just an insane way to travel if you ask me...I thought it was turned into scrap by now.....amazing piece of machinery.......

      :arr arr


        Jeeez what a monster. I hope they don't destroy it like they do so many "one of a kinds"


          Wow! Missile tubes (with blast deflectors), "inflight" refueling probe- what a beast!


            That thing has *fun* written all over it.
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              Who wanna tip in to buy that thing as a group buy? TIME SHARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

              Sorry I could resist the

              What is the gas mileage come again?!?!?!?!?


                Just think about the money and effort required to design and build this thing!

                It's also amazing just how derelict the whole thing looks; abandoned like a school in Chernobyl.
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                  The new tennant..



                    That technology is amazing too. They can cruise in ground effect and are extremely efficient and fast. They can stay under most Radar and would be very effective in a coastal assault.

                    Very cool technology.

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                      Yep, experimental ground plane effect transports. The idea was abandoned, as that sort of "flight" can be unstable and unpredictable do to variations and such. And at only 50ft off the ground, a mistake meant catastrophe. It's funny you mention the Spruce Goose, as many argue that it's famous attempt at flight was merely ground plane effect. This same effect is what makes for the most challenging part of landing a normal aircraft as well, F.Y.I. Cool stuff though.