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Think of this next time you complain about the cost of moorage

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    Think of this next time you complain about the cost of moorage

    We just purchased a waterfront property with a dock in the Gulf Islands (Piers Island just off of Sidney BC). This allows us to realize a lifelong dream but has been a real eye opener when it comes to the cost of having a dock.
    The dock had some deferred maintenance required and we knew that when we purchased. This week we had the chains replaced because they were 7 years old old have been shackled for repair several times. Cost for the 4 chains and a diver $6500 which should get us another 6 or 7 years.Then there were three floats that were half sunk and needed replacement - Cost plus install $5500. So that gets us okay for this year and maybe next. But the entire floating section of the dock will need replacement in the next few years. Estimates are $25,000 to $35,000 and that will buy us about 20(ish) years. Why didn’t we just replace the dock rather than spend the $5500 you ask - well there is a minimum one year wait list to get a dock built and this one likely would not have survived the winter storms. Then there are the annual inspections with a diver (approx. $1000 plus the cost of any repairs) Oh and then there is insurance and foreshore lease for a few hundred each year. All in all it has been a real eye opener.
    I am not asking anyone to cry for us - we are considering ourselves very fortunate and are thrilled to have what we got. But in the past when we used to complain about the cost of moorage I used to think that it was just easy money for the marina operators. Now that I know the actual cost of owning a dock I have come to appreciate the service that Marina operators offer.
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    Yep docks are not cheap. This spring I added two seadoo ramps at a cost of almost $6K and a new lake dock would run, just as you mentioned 20K or so.
    BTW I spent the last 30 years living in a waterfront home and consider it one of the best decisions we ever made as a couple. You will not regret your decision 20 years from now. It is not easy paying the price vs a landlocked home but it is worth it in the long run.

    On the subject of moorage.... I like to compare moorage to a condo fee.

    Pick your place in the world and look at the price of a waterfront condo. Then consider what the monthly condo fee is for that place.

    A large boat is the same way except its movable. Consider what moorage costs and you will realize that a "boat condo" is a pretty good way to experience waterfront life.


    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


      Out here you're lucky to find a slip at all. It's common to have three or more years on a wait list regardless of price. There are thousands of vacant private docks out here in the pnw. I wish there was way to rent a dock. It would help the homeowners maintain it and improve the market for boat owners.
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        Agree! There are around a dozen vacant between here and the bay on the Yaquina, we'd love to use one for a couple days here and there! I may put a craigslist ad up, and see if anyone on the river reads it.

      Same in New England. My marina is full with a waiting list. Slips are $150/ft plus electric for less than 6 months. Some transient fees are 4.00/ft. Crazy.
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        Is that per month, per year?

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        $150/ft for the season + electric. So from May to October $7,500 for a 50 footer. Transient fee is per day.

      In Alaska, we waited three and half years to get slip. A friend has a cabin and added a float with a bridge. The float 40x20 was $50K, bridge was $10K. (His cabin has that million dollar view. Everything costs


        Dockage rates here in Michigan are relatively cheap. My dock for the this season was $1750 for a 35' dock in a protected marina. Can't complain when I hear about dockage at marinas in other places.
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          It's easy to complain but perspective it still seems cheap. My marina was sold and they are driving new piles and new docks/water/electric/ slip rent is going from $385 a month to $551 Live Aboard fee probably going up as well. Could save a little by moving, but I'm not sure it's worth it. It makes more sense to ditch my storage unit, Netflix, and my unused gym membership
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