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Bayliner 288 - Gear lever neutral detent?

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    Bayliner 288 - Gear lever neutral detent?

    I’ve just finished replacing bellows and shifter assembly.
    I’ve adjusted cable (with 3D printed tools for that 7 3/4 distance) and then the levers at each helm. I adjusted with just the upper helm connected, because it had a very distinct detent on neutral. Afterwards I adjusted the lower helm which doesn’t have this detent...
    Is this normal? I had to adjust when in gear, so both levers were at max forward.

    They work fine, and I do get a neutral detent because both are moving and I can feel it from the upper helm, but is this intentional?
    No neutral detent on lower helm?

    Next is throttle adjustment, it is very hard, which I suspect is the lever at upper helm.

    To answer this thread for others in the same situation:

    - No, there is only one helm that will have a detent for the gear lever. As both won't be perfectly matched up, you're supposed to remove the ball+spring from one of the levers so you're sure only one have the detent, and you adjust the cable with this lever, and then adjust and connect the second one.


      Thanks for posting you findings. I’m sure it will help others.
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        Mine is the same, no detent at the lower helm.
        Not sure why your initial post went un answered
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          mine doesnt have a detent at either helm... maybe its faulty, has been backed out a little, or has been removed completely.

          if one lever does have a detent, it should be on the lever with the neutral safety switch.....

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