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Cut me off and show me I’m number 1

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    Cut me off and show me I’m number 1

    Out fishin...2.3 mph
    Coming up from my aft port quarter till we’re 20 feet apart side by side. When I ask if they could see my red bow light I’m greeted with “your number one” and asked if I wanted to play bumper boats.
    Aperantly I need to be more courteous
    Pic is after I pulled out of gear and let the vessel pass🙄
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    Sorry about that.

    We recently had an opposite personality type mess up ramp operations for about 10 minutes.

    Our clueless father of three decides that instead of loading up the boat with tubes and equipment and the kids in the parking lot just before the ramp operation area..........He pulls up a bit crooked and blocks access to 2 of the 4 ramps.

    My wife was literally in reverse trying to back the empty trailer down towards one of those ramps when he showed up and blocked her.

    My guy was my guy was clueless, your guy was a jerk.

    Luckily we both enjoy boating enough to not have it ruin our day.

    But I certainly can appreciate the alarm caused by your guy getting so close.

    Mine was an inconvenience...……...your situation was dangerous.

    Glad that no contact occurred.
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      I’m thinking they are full of barley pop and the type that refer to their wives, past and present, as the stupid bitch.
      The incident that surprised me was last summer. We were crossing the Straight of Haro when I observed a boat that turned out to a whale watching boat coming from my port side at a high rate of speed. After watching him for a few minutes I determined that we were on a very near collision course. Now that skipper has to have some pretty good training to pilot a passenger vessel with well over six passengers, so I did my stand on thing. Beautiful sunny day, flat water and this guy is on a straight line. When he got to the point where I had to take action, he was a couple of hundred yards away and not taking evasive action. Since I truly believe that a collision at sea can ruin my day, I took evasive action and let him go on by. Our guest that trip is a USCG veteran and he was more upset than me.
      Like the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid”.
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        I say always pass behind. What’s the hurry?
        Glen Sherwood
        1987 3270 twin 305’s
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          I did have a guy pass me in the marina the other day though. Stupid move and had his grandson with him. I just maintained course and let him figure it out.
          Glen Sherwood
          1987 3270 twin 305’s
          Coupeville, WA


            Those types are all over unfortunately.... me and a bud were in my small bass tracker and trolling about 50 yards from shore when a few fellas in a make believe go fast cut right in front of us...I mean within casting distance.

            we figured let the idiots go... but hell no, they made a tight turn and and cut right behind us and snagged my line. Spooled off a reel worth of line before I could get it to break off.
            I only hope my line spooled up inside the prop shaft seal before it broke.
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            Brad / Texas Gulf Coast


              Dave....when I moved to the island 20 years ago, I could fish lings, with maybe, maybe, 2 or 3 other boats out by the buoy, off our, 20, 30, 40 plus......and they get right on top of you.

              Last year I was out mooching with the wife, 100 foot of water....I hooked and landed a salmon, she then hooked up with a real nice one, big fight, the boats did not even wait till we landed her fish (which she lost....but that's another story)....they trolled right up and by us, 20 feet, I am not kidding, nice boats, expensive boats, I guess they need to justify their boat payments.

              It's not the same.

              My wife retires next year, we head out in the trailer the next day....will be gone a spell, if we find a better place, I might just move.
              I saw my native state of California, going the same way too, its why we moved from there.
              People have really lost the knack of being neighbors, sad.


                Originally posted by Island Eddie View Post
                People have really lost the knack of being neighbors, sad.
                No, people have learned to be complete assholes with no common courtesy or respect for anyone else’s property.
                Based on the pic, looks like you should have turned to port and run across their lines.....
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                  There's too many people. Stop having babies.
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                    Originally posted by jongleur View Post
                    There's too many people. Stop having babies.
                    1990 2755 - sold
                    2005 275 - sold (now boatless)


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                      After our four, boy, boy, twins boy girl, we quit. That was 34 years ago. Now our greatest joy is getting together with them and our grandchildren. Four boys and one girl. The oldest grandson is serving in the Army. They are all socially responsible and follow the rules. They too are amazed at the number of selfish jerks out there.

                    Wanna see selfish jerks? Watch everyone protesting and looting on the news reports.
                    1990 2755 - sold
                    2005 275 - sold (now boatless)


                      This happened the other day to my brother and his buddy. They were headed back to port from fishing, This guy came right in front going so fast that hat his wake swamped there boat with over a foot of water. Never stopped, never looked, nothing just kept going. They were in a 26" Center Console. Good thing they had 2 bilge pumps and dual battery setup.
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                        A few years back I was in my 20' Cuddy heading out from La Conner, westbound in the slough, staying to the right of the dredged channel. Coming head on at me eastbound was a sailboat, sails down, under power, but HUGGING the right (my right) side of the channel. I bear further right to give him the idea. Now normally, unless I'm in England or Japan, I drive on the RIGHT. This chucklehead obviously wanted to drive on his left for some reason in that channel. As we got closer to one another I gave him the arms up sign like, what the Fuscia? His response was a one-digit salute. I just shook my head and went to the left of him.
                        Jeff Prime
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                          Last weekend a popular sandbar by Longboat Pass is full of boats. Then 2 more boats squeeze in beside me where you wouldn't think possible. They anchored and were respectful for a while. Then their phone rang, they answered and talked to someone. After hanging up the phone the stereo volume went up beyond a respectful level. The boat on the other side of me left, and then so did I. Just after I vacated the spot, 2 boats pull up into the void. The volume on the stereo went down and the guy said "your here just in time." The phone call was a 5 min ETA so he could clear out room for his friends boats.

                          Don't take it personally, "they" are everywhere.
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                            Sounds like Catalina, more Gilligans and asshats with a boat under them every year.

                            The dog is probably the only one in the boat that had a clue they were being dicks.
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