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Drive Angle Vs Trim Tabs, What's The Relationship?

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    Upon start I set the drive trim all the way down. This forces the drive to be positioned a little past its perpendicular position. I also set the trim tabs all the way down. Combined, these actions result in part of the prop power to be used to lift the stern up (bow down) that helps to get on the plane. Once on the plane, first I set the drive trim so the drive becomes perpendicular to the water surface. This improves efficiency Next, I re-adjust the trim tabs to give the smoothest ride and also the best fuel consumption (I can see fuel flow on my gauges). I also have installed the Bennett Automatic Trim Control (ATC) system that works like a charm! The ATC learns the most ideal position (level) for the boat and continually and automatically keeps adjusting either/both trim tabs for the best ride. If you don't have fuel-flow meter or ATC the best solution I found is to set the trim tabs as close to their raised position as you can without lifting the bow too high up or cause porpoiseing.
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