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    I purchased a 2008 3055 Bayliner last october. I previously had a 2002 Chaparral Signature 240. On my Chaparral I had installed a 2k inverter, which was located with the bateries. I ask my mechanic that according to the manual it should not be located there because of the sparks, but he assured me that he installed 100 of them and no problem. Well, I had it for two years before selling the boat and true no problems (maybe I was just lucky). But now with the 3055 I am not sure and it will not be the same mechanic who will install it.

    Any thoughts on the location and is everybody avoiding where the batteries are?


    PS only 3 more months before D Day :surr

    R. Vachon


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    I do not install inverters in the same compartment as the batteries, and I make sure the cables are sized correctly, and there is a fuse on both the ac an dc sides as required. I do not have my inverter connected to my ac system, I would run seperate outlets.

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      It can be difficult to find a spot for an inverter on a boat. There's only so much room.

      While the chance of an explosion from vented hydrogen from your batteries is not that likely, (gas concentraion has to be just right; hydrogen is lighter than air and rises etc), those vented gases WILL cause corrosion in your inverter.

      Therefore, some other, preferably vented location would be better. These units also generate heat and are happier when they can cool from the ambient air.

      Now all you have to do is find that ideal space!
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        I think I've found a good out of the way place for mine in my 2452.

        I mounted it upside down under the seat where the water heater is. The rear cabin bulkhead seperates the living space from the bilge. The heavy cables to the house battery are just two sealed holes in the bulkhead. I also relocated my 2 golfcart batteries to the back side of the same bulkhead so it's a short run to the inverter.

        The water heater is in that cupboard , and the heat is a consideration but it hasn't been a problem. Now all the 110V stuff is out of the bilge. I also added a 110V GFI outlet in the foot the space under the table. It was another short run from the inverter and a handy place for a outlet.

        Even with the generator an inverter is good for quick light use. That's my way of justifying the $$ wasted on avoiding getting the 2K Yamaha generator that I ended up buying anyway.


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          Sometimes all we need to do is sit in a certain location of the boat and look around; and then we often find a solution to where to install or modify something.
          Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

          Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
          Twin 350 GM power
          Located in Seward, AK
          Retired marine surveyor


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            Thanks all, I like the idea of placing the inverter with the water heater. Will have a look as soon as possible, I guess in 3 months!


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              Mine is in the mid cabin mechanical space above the water heater.

              Don't forget it's not just Hydrogen you should worry about. Those batteries typically live with the engines and for many of us those are fed with gasoline.

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                rocket09 wrote:
                I purchased a 2008 3055 Bayliner.
                Is there a typo here? 2002 was the last year for the 3055, and 2007 was the last year for the 305. Did you mean 1998 or 1988? 2003 Bayliner went to 3 digit model numbers. BTW, welcome to the BOC!
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                  You are right, I checked with my paper and it is a 2008 Bayliner marine corp 30 SB, I thought that they were all the same.


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                    I have the same charger set up as New Hope, plus the xantrex freedom in the bilge starboard side. the xantrex is a pretty large box, not sure where else it could possible go?


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                      I have a Xantrex Freedom 2000 in our 3258, placed in a locker at the aft end of the main cabin. My batteries (2 X 12v and 4 X 6V) are all to port in the engine room. Safe enough I guess and everything works fine. It does put too much weight to port however, so I think I'll move the 2 X 12v batteries to starboard.