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Is My Battery Going Bad? Test with a Conductance Battery Tester

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    Is My Battery Going Bad? Test with a Conductance Battery Tester

    I have been lurking/reading/replying to posts here for a couple of years and a frequent topic that comes up is the issue of battery health.

    Some members are well versed in battery technology and construction/chemistry.................and others have no more than a very basic knowledge.

    There are several ways health can be determined. All require some sort of tool and/or equipment.

    We all have lead acid batteries in our cars/truck/boat...…..sometimes it is best to step up and buy a battery tester to add to your toolbox.

    Conductance battery testers are now somewhat affordable and do not make any sparks or have any sort of heating element. Therefore they are safe to use in the bilge area.

    Some may question buying a 100-200 dollar tester to check on a battery's health...….I encourage it because sick batteries sometimes experience total failure with little or no symptoms.

    A proper tester can ID a sick battery even on a day when it "seems alright"

    On a boat, they can leave you stranded, and a dead battery can do more than ruin your day...…… can ruin your boat if there are hazards nearby or someone may get hurt as you drift with the tides/wind.

    Batteries never die on a convenient day or at a convenient time. They rob you of boating pleasure and add to your stress level.

    There are many articles on lead acid batteries on the internet. Look some up to learn about them.

    A couple of final thoughts...……..batteries have a limited life in any environment and some thing will accelerate their demise.

    A bad starter, a bad alternator, or letting the thing go flat dead are all detrimental to the health of a battery.

    The fact that many boats sit unused for months also is detrimental to the health of a battery.

    My basic guidance to standard car/truck/runabout battery life is as follows...………..Regardless of battery warranty length, if your battery is 36-48 months old or older, go

    ahead and replace it on your schedulewhen it is convenient for you. Hotter climates shorten battery life and cooler climates are kinder/gentler to batteries. I will attach a

    picture with the "zones"

    Products: I do not know about the knock off brands, but at the dealership level we used the Midtronics brand. They make them for consumers at a decent (not cheap) price. I have posted a link of a mid level model. I know nothing about the seller or if the price is high or low.

    Full Disclosure: I have no experience with the "motoryacht" battery arrangement/chargers/switches. My comments above relate to standard car/truck/"family boat" applications. I was an ASE Automotive Master Tech as a civilian, and an Electrician in the Navy

    Final Note: If I need to modify this after my edit option disappears based upon your feedback, I will simply post more information below

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TiresPlus-Battery-BatteryExpectancyZone.jpg Views:	1 Size:	171.3 KB ID:	536440
    Present Boat- 2018 VR5 4.5/200hp Mercruiser
    Last Boat- 1998 Capri 1950CL 3.0 Mercruiser