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Water in bilge after running for an hour

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    builderdude I'll try the PT trick next outing, I'll let you know. Thank you

    TX H210 SS Anything is possible, although the forward section of the aft bilge was dry, if the water was coming from somewhere forward, I would expect to see at least wetness indicators. I'll try a taste test next time as well, Salt vs Fresh. Thank you,

    pgiconch See above. Thank you.


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ID:	537259 Had a chance to take the boat out today, before heading out, checked bilge, a little water, maybe a couple ounces at most (2-3 papertowels would have soaked it up) Ran for maybe 30 minutes, up to WOT for a few seconds, backed down to nice planning speed for awhile, but mostly just 5mph slow crawl around the harbor. Back at the dock, checked bilge right away, sure enough there was a pint or two of water. It was NOT warm/hot, it was NOT salt water either. It did rain yesterday and maybe this could just be water collecting in other cavities, making its way to the aft bilge once the boat gets titled as during under way. I don't know.
      Last edited by Dave Boroughes; 09-15-2019, 04:35 PM. Reason: Pictures are from after returning to dock, can see some of the standing water in the last one. I didn't see any wetness coming from the transom area, and the water did NOT taste salty at all


        Could just be rain water, I get some coming in through one of the engine bay vents.
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          This may sound dumb.....but you can mist some baby powder around those points of concern to see if any trickles are occurring.

          being cold its not engine or exhaust related.... being fresh it's either from the sky or some fresh water system. Hopefully you aren't taste testing toilet water

          Sounds encouraging to keep motoring though. I will say that on a boat that size a pint of surface water isn't hard to collect. I get that from dripping bodies, wet towels, boards and wet lines.

          it's good you are exploring the source... and getting the bilge cleaned so it's all a plus....I've been doing same with steering fluid drip for years.

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            Logical check.....take her out an run her as you did and check bilge. Either note the level or sop it up....then run her longer and harder and recheck. If bilge water is much less or vacant on run number two then it's a surface water drainage situation.

            note....ALL tops leak and rain blows under all slip covers...I'm not discounting the importance of checking things out but my boat is covered and inside my shop....its only a 21 footer, but guarantee I can crank the tongue jack all way up and I will have some residual water from last wash down come out bilge drain.....yours is a yacht compared to mine and has many more collection points.

            ps.... good job cleaning up the bilge....its a ballbuster I know.....I finally discovered an easy route. I bought several cheap plastic long reach grabbers from harbor freight...2 dollars each, bend and grab like hell. I swab my bilge with soapy rags then dry rags/towels using these. They bend around obstacles and save the bruising.
            2008 H210SS Four Winns
            Volvo Penta 5.7 GISX
            Prior: 1997 2050SS Bayliner
            Brad / Texas Gulf Coast


              builderdude I'm hoping that's what it is, I'm going to do some other tests, but I'm also going to breathe a sign of relief.

              TX H210 SS Good plan, Thanks for everything. Wish I'd thought of the long grabbers and bendy brushes, maybe next time.


                This is a very long shot but it has happened to me twice over the years. In certain conditions while under way, water can be forced back through the bilge pump. Very rare but it can happen.
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