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  • DP props Question-gctid349684

    Soooo... I`m a little confused on DP selection Right now I have a set of G5`s on my Dph drive but my rpm`s are a little low according to VP so to increase RPM do I step down to G4`s or step up to G6`s. If I go to G4`s will I lose much speed

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    Bump didn't get any replies


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      The lower the number (B2, B3, etc), the slower the more RPMs you'll get. When I go from 2's to 3's I lose about 200 RPM's, which I think is normal.

      I know B is for aluminum and C is for SS, but what does G designate?


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        Mike, the G props are for the DPH drive.

        This is one of the high performance P/T drives that uses external hydraulic steering cylinders.

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          Wow. That's a thing of beauty.


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            Thanks guys was a little confused with the dp prop selector , so I am going to try and find a set of G4's