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    Chartplotters / Sonar Combo-gctid406973

    I am looking for a chartplotter and sonar combo. Does anyone have a favorite? I am looking to spend as little as nessesary for a decent preloaded unit. The GPS function is most important to me just due to the safety that it provides. Do I need to buy special GPS antennas or are they integrated?



    Looking to get a chartplotter and maybe a combo with fishfinder. I am looking for something that is preloaded with maps as I am planning a trip to Lake Erie in 2 weeks. Does anyone have a favorite? Do I need external GPS antennas or are they integrated.


      Been happy with my Garmin stuff.

      Your budget?

      Hardtop or open boat?

      If you have a hardtop an external antenna would be good. If open the integrated antenna will work fine.


        My last boat had a Garmin GPSMAP 441S

        The new one has a Eagle FishStrike 1000(?) made by Lowrance with the external antenna.

        The wife said for my birthday I am getting a new Garmin 521S unit as she extremely dislikes the FishStrike
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          I have recently had the garmin 521s, which was ok for cruising, but I found the tracking/trails and sonar pretty useless...recently that unit was stolen so I decided to switch it up to the lowrance elite 5 as it is in the same price range...both units are entry level but all I need...

          hands down I prefer the lowrance, for navigation, map, tracking, and sonar (funny lots of reviews show people prefer garmin map better)

          I have a hard top and both units have never failed to pick up signal using only integral antenna

          also note the garmin required the purchase of map software, the lowrance came with navionics gold...if memory serves me that made the lowrance unit slightly cheaper

          either way both will work, but i much prefer lowrance


            A nice small unit is the Garmin 540s. The bigger version is the 740s

            The Simrad NSS 7 is a nice machine, perhaps my favorite at this time.


              I like the Lowrance, if you get a HD model you can add fuel flow, capacity and a lot of other MNEA 2000 items down the road. The Elite 5 is a nice unit and a lesser price than the HD models.

              300SD all options sold.


                You have the same thread going on in each section on the board no need to post it so many times. When you use the feature new posts they all come up.

                300SD all options sold.


                  I have this one:

                  Quite happy with it. This particular bundle came with Canadian coastal waters and most major lakes preloaded. I think that little chip is $2-$300 bucks if purchased separately. I use it under the rag top of the 265 with only the internal antenna with no issues.
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                    actually thinking that was the ONLY smart purchase the former owner made . . . enjoying both of them . . . still learning on them too . . . . upgraded the software last week and am learning some of that too . . . . damn things know when I sneeze!
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                      I have a Humminbird combo unit.

                      The fish finder is far superior to the Lowrance I have on the lower bridge and it takes Navionics chart sims which in my view are the best system. Unlike Garmin Blue Chart you can zoom out and not lose detail like marks.