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2002 trophy electrical problem-gctid406484

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    2002 trophy electrical problem-gctid406484

    Has anyone had a problem with the #1 battery going dead in two weeks of non use? Its a brand new interstate marine 800 cca starting battery. The #2 battery is usually fine. I think the CO detector and the auto bilge pump are hooked to this battery, but should they draw it down that fast? CO detector appears to be hard wired in with no plug, and how to unhook without cutting the wires, so I can eliminate it from any draw?


    CO detector and propane detector in my RV will draw batteries down in a few weeks. Radio also uses some juice when off.


      Interesting that it is interstate batteries. I have two employees that have had to replace their interstate batteries due to faulty cells. One guy had two batteries on his boat that were bought at the same time and became bad quickly. The other guy here bought an interstate battery, got home, his truck wouldn't crank again. Returned the battery for a new one, same thing happened. He took his truck in to the dealer to check his electrical system and everything checked out fine. He went and brought that battery back and bought a different brand. Ever since then his battery has been fine. Maybe you have a bad battery.

      Try disconnecting the battery all together and see if it holds a charge. Check to see if it even takes a full charge. Plenty of auto parts stores will test the battery for you.


        Our CO detector was also killing the starting battery after a couple of weeks of sitting if not on charge.

        I rewired the CO detector to only have power when the house battery switch was on.

        My engines and house battery switches are independant. I figured we would not be on the boat using the cabin and not have the house battery on.
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