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    Well yesterday I had the best boating day since I starting boating except the fact that I hate my trailer from A to Z

    I have a self leveling full roller piece of steel (ups sorry PIECE OF S**T) worst trailer ever built..... I dont know any specs but took me forever to find a "balance" on the weight on the tongue and still rides bad very unconfortable to tow around.....was so hard to align the boat back in..... 9:45 pm I was with water all the way to my neck and pushing the tail of the boat up on my sholders to put the back wheel in position..... I got so angry that I gonna get a new trailer.....

    My 21ft capri has a eagle trailer full bank I can put that boat in and out with on arm by myself and not even stepping in water......and the trailer + truck rides like a dream even when I was towing with the sportrac or other smaller trucks was perfect ride......

    So for u guys that know about trailer/boats..... what should I been looking for? banks with rollers or only banks? 2 axles or 3 axles?

    I saw a few today on but just had banks on the back nothing on the bow or the mid sections seems weird for me no support there...

    Any suggestions and comments are welcome.....

    Problems with aligning the back of the boat is usually caused by driving the trailer too far into the water. You don't want the boat to be floating because when you pull the trailer up it is a crap shoot on whether or not it will settle where you want.

    Generally keep the trailer such that when you are winching out the boat at least the front half is sitting on the trailer already. That way the rollers will center the boat as it is coming out of the water.


      Well i found the Issue with my trailer one of the self leveling arms where bend so took the trailer to my buddies railing shop and we straight the arm and boxed with a thicker material. Them putting the boat back in the trailer was much easier but nothing to compare with my eagle trailer on the capri. I don't think rollers are for me.... Let's keep my search for a newer trailer for my 2655.... I found a 2007 eagle but is very pricy more expensive than a aluminum trailer brand new from Excalibur.