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My first time in the water with my 1988 2655-gctid405569

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    My first time in the water with my 1988 2655-gctid405569

    Well after so long working my tail off in the Ciera I finally got it ready for water......I left my house with my to the place and there goes the boat in the water....

    First feel things I noticed my 2655 it's much easier to drive than my capri.....very smooth....very quiet.....and my wifes favorite no "slamming" in the water in "high" speeds......

    I was in love with the boat before put in the I didnt wanna let go....

    I could not go over 3800 rpm with the throttle all the way and what I got was 50km/h or 32 Mph (gps speed) that right?

    Things that I hate....summer is almost my trailer....... I have problably the worst trailer ever made for a boat.... soon to be taking care.....

    I cant wait for tomorrow WEATHER HELP ME!!!!!!

    tks guys!!!!!

    According to my '88 OMC shop manual the 5.7 should max out at 4200-4600 rpm so you are low there and you want to get that right because otherwise the engine is laboring. There are a lot of things that can cause this including:

    fuel system restrictions (filter, vent, anti siphon valve)

    ignition system issues (bad points, plugs, timing not reaching full advance)

    wrong prop, pitch too high

    You have 2 '88 OMCs, see if you can find an 88 OMC factory shop manual on ebay, they are very good.
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      what size prop do you have. As you know I have a similar boat and engine and am having the same problem. My best speed has been 29 mph. RPMs top at around 3600. I am starting to think my tach is the problem.

      My prop was 15 x 15.5. I dropped to a 15.5 x 13P and thought my rpm would rise. It did only slightly. I got maybe 3700 rpm. I lost top speed though, maybe 26mph.

      From everything I read, a tach can be off 10% and still within tolerance. So 4200 - 10% would 3780. I've also read that the older OMC tachs are often off by 500rpms or more at high RPMs. Your top speed of 32mph is great in my opinion for a single 5.7.

      I'd love to know what you try next.



        32 mph is close to top speed for this boat.

        Check the RPM's vs. a meter, I would not be surprised if your tach is off. I would do this first. If you find the tach is accurate then I would develop a process of elimination check list. Engine in tune, hull bottom clean, prop size/pitch.
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          the tach could be off but I dont think it's too off... I reach the 3500 rpm about 1/2 on the throttle and after that NO change lol....

          As far as I know the prop is the OEM I have a second one but I dont remember the number by heart.....

          My idea was to change props just for a test from my Capri to the Ciera ..... but I always read that props cant be changed like that....That prop would let I get the higher RPM since comes from a "smaler" motor but the question would be is gonna be enough to give the motor the freedon to rev higher?


            My 89 2755 (w/Ford) does 33-34 at somewhere over 4,000 rpm with a 15x15.5 SS prop. This is with little extra weight on the boat with fresh tune up and rebuilt carb. It seems that many have concluded that the 15x15.5 is the best prop for the 2755 - maybe for the 2655 also. You could locate a cheap or used auto dash/column mount tach to double check things. 2nd thought may be just to buy a tach and be done with it. My original needed replaced.
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              It is important to reach proper RPM so the engine isn't laboring. In fact, proper RPM should be reached the way the boat is normally run. If you always go fishing with four fat guys, full tank of gas, water and 500 lbs of fishing gear, you want to be darn close to max rated RPM during those circumstances. Then the few times you are alone and empty you might be slightly over, but just don't let it get that high.

              Always bogging down the engine with a heavy load will not be good for the motor.


                I was expecting a few issues with the boat......

                A few of them I fixed on water.... the tube that the shifting cable that comes in....was squirting water when the boat was stopped rised the pipe and put the rubber properly and no more splash water on the bilge....

                Strap that holds the door opened....light bulbs that tend to NOT WORK .... lol......

                Another question the temperature niddle was steady just bellow 175 but on my capri is just above that normal?

                Yesterday.... my trusted craftsman socket set 200+ pieces .... another box of pliers screwdrivers duck tape (never leave home without it) etc..... me 190 lbs my wife 115lbs (but dont tell her I told her weight lol) and a friend 150lbs plus 1/2 a tank of gas 180 litters or 50 gallons..... I consider that light boat


                  The 175 is OK, mine usually runs between 160 and 175, the Capri at just over 100 is too low, the thermostat may be sticking open or a piece of sand or rust may be keeping it from closing.
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                    I have the same boat as you. Your top speed is pretty much the same as mine, but my 5l MPI with Bravo11 would be reving at around 4800-5000 RPM WOT to achieve that speed. I normally cruise at 3800 - 4000 RPM at 22 - 25 MPH depending on headwind, tide etc. 1/2 to full tanks of fuel / water / 2 adults & 1 child on board. maybe your tach is out?
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                      The only reason gives me the idea of not getting higher is the position of the thrttle if was closer to the end I will blame the tach.... But I still have more to investigate tomorrow I might be able to play with it a bit more hopefully


                        The propeler on my boat right now is as 14x1/2x19 and my spare one is 15x1/2x13

                        Any inputs about the sizes?

                        Another thing the ciera is very smooth when u give gas the Capri just jumps I know weigh matters but I wonder if the size and bit of the prop makes that difference as well?

                        I got the speed working conector was oxidade a little clean and was working again and the top speed on the ciera was 35 mph on the dash as well I wish I could get just a touch more and I will let the Capri go with out regredes



                          I have a 2003 - 2452 hardtop model and has a 5.0Ltr Merc with an Alpha 1 outdrive (220HP) . . . . currently swinging a Mirage Plus #48-18278 (I think, numbers are almost 'beyond corrosion' reading) at a 17"P and I'm not getting near what you guys are getting in RPMs and speed . . . .

                          When I'm at 4600 RPM, we're moving about 24.7 - 25 mph (GPS says) so marina owner thinks I don't have the right prop . . . . wants to put like an 18"P but is talking about almost $550 . . . . . does that sound right? Downloaded Merc 200 -320HP, Alpha One & Bravo One prop listing and it's showing a 19"P if I'm reading it right.

                          Recent readings on this board from others with similar boats have shown me that I do have issues but I'm worrying with some electrical concerns first and then I'll move to some of the mechanicals; however, I'd sure appreciate some opinions before I do a lot of in-depth checking.
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                            17P on my 5l MPI with Bravo11.
                            1999 Bayliner 1750 Capri. 3l Mercruiser Alpha

                            2014 Yamaha VX Cruiser


                              Sorry for my ignorance but what means 17p ?