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    Cleaning Vinyl Headliner-gctid404508

    I saw another thread about cleaning carpet, which reminded me I wanted to share this as I hadn't seen it mentioned before..

    My vinyl headliner in the V-Berth was horrible. I tried all sorts of cleaners and NOTHING seemed to take the mildew off. To make matters worse, I'm 6'4" and getting an angle to use elbow grease is most area's are pretty tough, but still nothing was working.

    One day I had a piece of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser laying in my toolbox so just on a whim a gave it a try. Just dampened it a little, gave a whip and wowsers!!!! I went and got a new Magic Eraser sponge from the kitchen and went to town. In about an hour, not even breaking a sweat, the entire v-berth was clean. It used up the entire eraser, but that was ok. No scrubing, no smells, just clean. The admiral who up until that point hated even going through the v-berth to get to the forward hatch is now looking forward to sleeping in there.

    I don't know what's so special about those sponges, but in this case, it was truly the only thing that worked and no more musty smell on the boat.

    Just thought I would share.
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    Magic erasers are the BOMB for cleaning vinyl.

    I use mine with Meguiars Vinyl & Rubber cleaner/protectant... it restores some protection to the vinyl, since the magic erasers are rather aggressive and I believe contain bleach.

    The ONLY way to get tough stains/dirt off vinyl (especially the dirt stuck in the texture) are the magic erasers!


      The Admiral went to town on our vinyl ceiling in the salon with a Magic Eraser. Prior to our recent repair (stbd engine preheaters were non-functional) the stbd engine smoked on startup and the PO must have left the backdoor open all the time. Anyhow, Magic Eraser left the ceiling looking like new. Our trashcompator was looking pretty bad, too so I cleaned it up. Here's a before and after comparison:

      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/774888=36968-photo (3).jpg[/img]Great stuff! Buy a couple of boxes and work on the dirty stuff inside your boat. It also works great on smudges on the vinyl wallpaper.Rob


        I just did all the seats on my bowrider a week ago before splash... went from dingy to fantastic

        Do make sure to use a vinyl protectant when finished! Once vinyl is "dried out" the sun deteriorates it rather quickly.