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    Originally posted by Dadrock33 View Post
    . . . . can't do "stickies" anymore??
    Stickies do not “stick” to the recent topics tab on the right of the main forum page. They only stick a topic at the top of its forum, this one being general boating topics.


    4788 LISAS WAY


      OK my 2cent the 2859 has one of the best layouts for cruising as well cockpit good for fishing, not perfect but affordable, will fit on a trailer when you are 700 Mil from salt.
      Slightly modified 2859 6.5 Diesel Bravo III X drive
      96 Dodge 5.9 5 speed Gear vender OD.


        I am a runabout owner. For where I live, boats over 30 feet do not interest me.

        I started with my dad's 1986 2450 Ciera Sunbridge (see my profile pic). He bought me a 10 foot Zodiac with a 8 hp Envinrude and let me bomb around Clayton, NY with it.

        When I graduated college, I bought a brand new Bayliner 1850 Capri LX Sport 4.3 off the showroom floor. I owned that for 5 years.

        In the '00s, I owned a 1986 Bayliner 2450 Ciera Sportcruiser. The current owner is a BOC member.

        Two weeks ago I left the Bayliner nest and bought a custom-ordered 2018 Four Winns H210.
        Matt Train
        BOC Site Team
        Chicagoland, IL


          I am a returnee to BOC. Didn't post anything for over a year. Had to sign up again. My first boat was made by a shop in Houston. Second was a Cobia I wish that I should have never bought. Got my Bayliner in '13. It had problems which I've fixed; so I am content..My question is about the history.of Bayliner. Looked it up; found it was made by Brunkwick; and some other names. Most of the reviews were Bayliner boats were mass produced; made cheap to put on the market. In other words "Don't buy a Bayliner boat made by 5 o'clock Friday". I bought mine as a project. Being retired I could rework it for me. Boats nowadays have features and not designed. for me. Any other input you can give would be appreciated. TJ


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            Probably best to start a seperate thread Fred, this one is a poll

          Oops! Sorry; will do.


            I love my 2855 but also like my SeaRay.
            cglazier - "Fiftybucks"
            1995 2855 7.4 bravo II


              Originally posted by Download_Complete View Post

              Two weeks ago I left the Bayliner nest and bought a custom-ordered 2018 Four Winns H210.
              Say it ain't so DC!

              88 Capri 2150 305 OMC
              91 and 93 Yamaha Waverunner III 650
              Cincinnati, OH


                Originally posted by montagc View Post

                Say it ain't so DC!
                My boat may not say Bayliner on the side, but the BOC will always be my spiritual home.
                Matt Train
                BOC Site Team
                Chicagoland, IL


                  We're starting our 5th year with our very first boat, a 2000 Ciera 3055. Boating has given us such great enjoyment and opened up a whole new world of friends, spectacular scenery and wondrous adventures. I envision going much bigger (mid 40's live aboard size) when we retire and dream to take extended voyages exploring Alaska and as many areas throughout the PNW as we can.

                  Thanx to BOC for all the help along the way.
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                  Sea Venture
                  2000 3055, 5.7/B2, 18x23" props
                  Cruising the PNW and beyond.
                  DIYC, Riverhouse Marina
                  MMSI 316029971

                  Drinks well with others.


                    1st boat was a 1985 Bayliner 16' Capri Cuddy, followed by 1986 1950 cuddy, then 1992 2452, then 2007 285. That was our "last boat". Till last Fall. Then Admiral wanted bigger and we bought a 2008 Rinker 330 EC. Definitely learned an awful lot during those years by checking in to BOC. And certainly all the knowledge I gained helped when checking out the Rinker, including knowing to get a qualified surveyor. The 285 is being sold to our daughter and son-in-law, and I expect to continue checking out BOC just as before.

                    For what it's worth, since Fall, I have regularly visited the Rinker Owners Site. And, as with this site, it's filled with a bunch of friendly, helpful boaters. And there's a lot of crossover information, not brand specific. I plan to continue learning from each site.
                    2008 Rinker 330 EC
                    Twin 350 MAG Bravo 3
                    2007 285
                    350 Horizon Bravo 3