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  • Barnacle Removal on Rib Boat-gctid348636

    Recently purchased a 9' Achilles Rib in decent shape other than having heavy barnacle build up on the underside. Obviously I'd like to remove these and apply some anti-fouling bottom paint but I'm not sure how to go about it. I feel scraping them off could easily lead to an accidental puncture or tear and i havent found any chemicals or solvents safe to use on hypalon. Anyone encountered this issue before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Justin

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    I've ever tried it on a rib. But I've used a pressure washer and a plastic scraper with good success.


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      I'm not sure but I would think letting it sit in fresh water would A. kill them and B. make them easier to remove?

      I know when the USS Missouri was moved to HI, they docked her in Portland (Columbia River) and all the saltwater critters died and most fell off.

      Power washing may be your best bet on the inflatable parts...

      Google or Bing may be useful?
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        Pressure washer seems like a great a idea! I don't know why i hadn't thought of that! thanks guys


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          My inflatable got covered with them and I scraped them with a metal scraper... one at a time, and careful not to dig the corner of the scraper into the tube. Not really that bad... just do one at a time and you'll be done before you know it.