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    Blake Island Bouy Suggestions?-gctid402583

    We are heading over to Blake Island on Friday and was wondering if anyone had recommendation on which side of the Island to grab a bouy on? I know this is assuming I have a choice but assuming I do, we want to take a dingy to shore and have a fire and watch the sunset.

    Back side of island has much less wave rocking and normally fills up first because of that fact

    Both sides get lots of wave action from passing boats heading else where

    Back side gets less wave action from mother nature


      As hike said, west side is preferable. The prevailing winds are normally from the south but Southworth cuts those winds down somewhat. The north side has some issues being wide open to ferry traffic to/from Bremerton/Seattle but that dies down after 11PM. Also a few tankers make their way down the sound to Tacoma to unload... So some wave action could also be a factor from them. If the winds are from the North then it will be a bumpy night...

      Either side however, you will still be required to go into shore and pay... The park cops are hard over on that...
      Doug ;}
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        Combination of current and wind on the east-side will leave you sideways to the wind and broad-side to the waves. Makes for a very rocky evening. Quite beautiful in the morning, however.