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1988 Capri: Pain in the butt finally pays off. First day out on the water.-gctid402278

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    1988 Capri: Pain in the butt finally pays off. First day out on the water.-gctid402278

    My first journey to the lake took a little longer than expected, about six months longer. (first boat btw . . . might explain some of the stupid complications)

    Sometime in January a family friend said he was trying to get rid of a boat so I volunteered to take it off his hands. Free boat, all I had to do was drive 10 hours to pick it up, what could go wrong? Apparently a lot can go wrong. For the next six months I had to deal with the hassle of trying to get all the paperwork in order for a boat with a lost title, that was in the name of some company that no longer exists and everyone who worked there is long gone. Finally, about a week ago all the paperwork is done and we are ready to take out my BRAND NEW (24 year old) beauty for a test run.

    Well, it turns out the SUV we were trying to use has a totally different hook up for the hitch than the truck I towed it home with, so that was a no go. Day 1 = Bust. Went to the store to get an adapter, turns out they didn't carry quite what I needed so had to buy two adapters to hook up the trailer. Ok, no big deal, so I hook it up and tried to take it out the next day. Drove her down to the local lake, backed down the boat ramp in a very zig-zagged path, (still getting used to it) finally got it straight in. Motor won't start. Just put a brand new battery in and had the motor in the shop to get cleaned and tuned up. Apparently no one charged up the brand new battery, guess I should have checked that. Day 2 = Bust. That evening had a battery charger hooked up for several hours and decided to crank it up in the driveway to see if the battery was good now. Got it turning but no start.

    The next morning hooked up the battery charger again for a few hours and tried it again. This time there was a lot more juice and after messing around with the choke and primer I got it fired up. Let it run for about 15-20 seconds and turned it off with a smile on my face. Now it was LAKE TIME! Got it down to the boat ramp a little more smoothly this time put the key in and gave it a turn. Didn't start right away but with a little finesse the motor was running and sounded good. Took the truck up to park and came back down to find my brother and everyone floating along with no motor running. Got to the boat and tried to start it again, but every time I turned the key a loud anoying buzzing sound (similar to the horn sound) would come on and not go away. Wasn't sure what or why this sound was going off but the way the boating life had been so far everyone thought it was a bad idea to ignore it. We decided to just take it for a slow and short ride just to see if it would turn off. About ten minutes later the buzzing was still going, people were getting grumpy, and to top it off the motor started smoking. Turns out it was just a little oil that spilled somehow, but just as I started to turn around to take her back in the buzzing stopped. Don't know how, and I don't care, the smoking stopped too.

    With everything looking normal finally, we decided that it would probably be ok to take it out for a little while and man am I glad we did. This 24 year old boat that had not been run in 5 years ran like a champ. We ran it for close to 3 hours in the 106 degree Texas heat and had no problems whatsoever (except for the sunburn). We had 6 people on board and a full tank of gas so it took a little while to plane out but when we did we got going pretty fast. I'm not sure if the speedometer is accurate but I would guess we got it up to about 35 mph.

    Finally! First real day out on the water was a huge success. It was pretty hot out that day, but not as hot as that 1988 Bayliner, resurrected from the dead, tearing up the water. I guess there is no such thing as a boat without problems, but all those problems were well worth the wait. 1 amazing day on the water = hooked for life.

    Glad it has worked out for you. Hope you have lots of fun. Watch out for 2footitis. It could strike at any time.
    Rick Grew

    2022 Tahoe T-16

    2004 Past Commodore
    West River Yacht & Cruising Club


      what's the engine?


        Thanks. It has a 125 Force outboard. It was a little tough to get started but now it fires up every time.