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    odd engine behavior-gctid402170

    We were out on a long run when the engine speed drops off. After dropping several hundred RPM and several seconds, power returns. Each time this happened, the RPM drop became worse. Suddenly, the problem seemed to clear up for no obvious reason. Looking for a suggestion where to look. Timing is spot on, dwell is good. Oh yeah, the boat is Capri 1950 with 2.3L engine. Twin fuel filters (1 before flow meter and one past fuel pump). Burn nonoxy premium fuel and no water in fuel.

    One place I've checked is the fuel venting system, but I'm wondering if it may be the issue. Vent is clear and there is a fuel whistle on the vent line. That screams during fillup, with noise stopping just as the tank is full.

    This sounds like a fuel filter problem. Good that you've considered the vent line.

    If you were out in the Ocean, I would suggest that you ran into a mat of kelp or weeds. This is fairly common. We bring the boat to a stop, then back a bit, cut the wheel hard to the Starboard and resume our trip. We will often see the grass come from under the boat. when we first pull forward.