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Boat Dusseldorf claimed to be the biggest ....-gctid348308

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    Boat Dusseldorf claimed to be the biggest ....-gctid348308

    in the World. For what that's worth.

    17 big halls filled with stuff for boaters, fishermen, divers, marina's, boat rentals,surfing, kayaking, country promoting, clothing and more....

    Went for the first time last Tuesday and to find out that especially the amount of the real big yachts in hall 6 the last years is shrinking. Not only into the amount but also into the seize. Some builders who used to have their big boats were only present with much smaller boats.

    Saturday I went with the Admirable for the second time. Could it be done in one day only? I don't think so. Again there were a lot new boats presented here as usual. I also saw an American charter company from Bellington WA. NW explorations it's called. This year our Marina didn't show Meridians but showed the new SeaRay 355? made in Poland. Taht boat has a gadget, it can electrically lower the very nice stern cockpit table with the SeaRay logo carved in to the proper height to make a sun pad. For those who can live with a fixed berth separated from the galley with a wooden wall it was a nice boat nice hull colours with a good price of around Ôé¼ K 200.

    Also the bigger SeaRays were present. The bigger ones imho are far to high priced, compared to some other players in that market segment.

    Some trends were the growing amount of in Poland built yachts and the German builder Bavaria enter the bigger motor yacht segment. The Dutch boatbuilders were present in an own hall showing what we are so good in. The Ray Marine new E71 Chart plotter was present but no demo's.

    Did I find what I was looking for? Yes, I hope so according to one of our sales guys who showed us all the SeaRays, I could buy the wooden table with the Bayliner logo in. Overall conclusion the weekends a fair lot of visitors, during the week it was ver quiet. Despite the crises a lot new boats were introduced especially in the 35'+ segment. I was some what disappointed not to see Lowrence but when we left in the last hall with fishing gear there they were. They are good looking units. But we needed beer and some thing to eat like French fries (from the Netherlands) and Brat wurst.

    What - no pictures??

    I have relatives scattered around Germany. I should really plan my next trip around Boat Dusseldorf.

    2007 Discovery 246
    The "BAY-BEA"


      I was more excited about the beer, fries and brats!!


        I know exactly those halls.....I worked in a trade show there a number of years ago. Stayed in Cologne

        It is a huge complex of buildings.


          Last time I was in Dusseldorf I was on a river cruise and I don't remember seeing pleasure boats. Where do they do their boating?


            That would be Northwest Explorations in Bellingham Washington but I highly recommend that folks heed the dangers of boating in the San Juans!!

            First is the constant fog that hides the numerous islands that are well known to trade locations during the fog.

            Then there are the constant 50knt winds and trecherous 15 knot tides.

            You have to watch small children and pets to make sure they are not snatched off the decks by the numerous, unexplained and unclassified sea monsters that ply the waters for easy prey.

            Birds!! Then the birds that constantly strafe your windshields and open deck space.

            There are many accounts of unchartered reefs that unexplainably jump out of the water and take out your running gear.

            Pirates sneak out of hidden coves and commandeer unsuspecting boats and the captains are forced to walk the plank arggghhh! They will sneak off with your Admirals for a lifetime of cooking and swabbing the decks----and more that is too sensitive to mention.

            So---that leaves us locals to endure the hardships and horrible boating conditions while constantly alert for the many dangers.

            You can try it if you want---------------------but it isn't for the feint of heart.

            Arrggghhh !

            1992 3688