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    2270 purchase-gctid401705

    Hi. I'm looking for pro and con comments on a boat I might purchase.

    1984 2270 with upgrade chevy 350 and matching volvo outdrive.

    Other than gas consumpion, what might beware of?

    Thanks in advance.


    I had a 2270 and personally think that boat may handle a little squirrelly with that 350 in there! May be too much power for this hull design.


      I looked at three different 2670's and found them all to have rotten stringers and transoms. be very careful and if you find one you like, get a survey.



        Bob, check it out thoroughly, but there's a good chance that when they re-powered, they took care of any issues.

        I'd sure do a sea trial.

        If this is one of the semi-displacement hulls, it may not be real good at the higher speeds. In which case the V-8 power may be more than it can handle. You'll find this out when you trial it.

        As for Volvo Penta, this is a good choice.
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          Above around 20kts, it's going to get unstable and start feeling like a sno-saucer(closest way to describe it). These weren't designed for speed and to have that much boat out of the water, the owner probably had a scare is why it's for sale. If you can exercise restraint on the throttle and run 17-18kts it will be ok. I have all the parts and engine to put a 350 in my 2270 and I haven't done it, and won't. Another BOC'er has a 4.3L in a 2670 and it's a more reasonable fit but top speed is still a bit dicey.

          Something that might be feasable if you like the boat otherwise would be to try and swap someone wanting more ponies for their 4.3L.