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Got my new boat bayliner 2655 ciera sunbridge-gctid348252

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    Got my new boat bayliner 2655 ciera sunbridge-gctid348252

    Finally my novel is over....I finally got it what a wanted so bad....MY BOAT WITH AN

    Well I got a 1988 bayliner 2655 ciera sunbrigde.... the boat has 2 problems

    One is veeeeeeeeeeeeery dirty.....

    Second one has a "small" hole in the bottom where the boat was suported by wood... is about 1/2 inch by 3,5 inches and about 3/4 deep.... is the edge of a 2x4 that the previous owner used to suport the boat...... so I need to fix it....

    What are the options for that?

    Just regular fiber glass and after put the gel coat?


    Should I cut the squashed wood off in a square shape put a new piece of wood fiber glass inside and out....them gel coated?

    Last year I buff my boat with turtle wax and come out amazing.....but after almost 12 months..... I wonder if there is any NEW products since my last research....I was thinking using this time a 2 stage buffing product and them a wax with a teflon and carnauba...

    Anybody ever tried to put vinil insted of painting the boat BLUE top stripe????

    I dont have many pictures yet because my Iphone run out of batery so I took with my friends camera....but I could not wait to post pictures......

    by the way .... why so many people paint the botton of the boats with a UGLY BLACK, GRAY, GREEN, etc paint...??? protection? or just to fix problems???


      Alexirocz28 wrote:
      by the way .... why so many people paint the botton of the boats with a UGLY BLACK, GRAY, GREEN, etc paint...??? protection? or just to fix problems???
      If you are going to keep the boat in the water then bottom paint is necessary. So, it is a protection of sorts to keep all the stuff from attaching to the hull and your boat growing a beardop-
      Rick Grew

      2022 Tahoe T-16

      2004 Past Commodore
      West River Yacht & Cruising Club


        Like rick said, bottom paint keeps growing crap down. Its needed.

        Do you have any pictures of the damage? And are you saying its on the bottom of the hull??


          The photos do show a nice looking boat. Looks like something I would like to get in to someday.
          Rick Grew

          2022 Tahoe T-16

          2004 Past Commodore
          West River Yacht & Cruising Club


            Phil, Vicky, Ashleigh & Sydney
            1998 3055 Ciera
            (yes, a 1998)
            Previous boat: 1993 3055
            Dream boat: 70' Azimut or Astondoa 72
            Sea Doo XP
            Sea Doo GTI SE
            Life is short. Boats are cool.
            The family that plays together stays together.
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              I dont have more pictures but this weekend Im going back clean that thing a bit ....take new pictures and hopefully.....if I am lucky to bring it back....

              the color of the botton paint changes how good really is?


                Congrats on the new ride.


                  tks guys....cant wait to bring it over start cleaning and getting ready for the summer

                  What is the diference between CIERA....SUNBRIGDE and Ciera Sunbrigde???



                    What is the diference between CIERA....SUNBRIGDE and Ciera Sunbrigde???[/QUOTE]

                    The difference is the dots....... between the name.

                    I like mine as it trailers so well. Makes for a nice weekender boat. 10 days is long as i spent on mine.

                    At the Lake............

                    It will dress up real nice with lights.

                    Enjoy your boat.:worth


                      congrats man, I know how exciting it is to finally get into a cruiser! I do have a thing for the arch seems like it'd be really nice to have for speakers and even lighting. My 93 2655 doesnt have an arch, so thats kinda why i wanna get into a 2855, on top of two footitus. hopefully you dont get the bug too soon...


                        I think that boat gonna stay with us for a wille I dont get tired of the look of it....I felt like that a few times in my life....

                        first my camaro together 9 years

                        second my wife she is putting up with me for 4 years lol....married 1year and some change....

                        I might change the motor for a 383 or something like that ..... to have the speed of my 21ft and all the convinience of my 26ft.....

                        Who knows..... :P


                          Well I went to pick up my boat....what a crazy weekend.....

                          Left work at 5 friday....went home changed and off I go to pick up my new old trailer......long story short got home at 2:45AM on the saturday.....went to bed 3:30....

                          Saturday morning I was up at 9 am way excited with the trailer.....and maybe even pick up the boat if the trailer was in perfect tires, good bearings new lights.....well break lines were shot receiver very poor condition....for the price could not be perfect anyway....

                          Run to the part a new receiver/actuator, new break line, new fittings, etc..... fishing the lines throught the chassis of the trailer what B***** to do a clean job in that trailer.... my tool that does the flange broke....another run to the part store..... get a second one.... second one the first trial.....back to the part part store.....

                          8PM back to work..... 1am....7 below....getting upset....and to finish off missing a I could pickup my boat......

                          Here I go around the city at 1am of a saturday.....thanks god for taxi driver have theirs 24 hrs mechanic shops...... 5 buck after and 2:50am I was back home.....4AM all bleed and ready to go.....

                          SUNDAY BIG DAY wake up 10am very cranky...extremelly tired.....but the want to bring the boat home was greater than my body tired.... lol

                          Begginning my QUEST for my wife to get ready so we could start my next journey to get where the boat was located.....but the OUTFIT never matched for the occasion.....from 10:30 leaving time become.......1:20pm god I could splept so much in that time.....

                          Arrived in the storage place 4PM.....NOW the fun just god even better time to put the boat on top the after everything figured out the boat was on top of the trailer at 6pm..... left at 6;45.....hit the highway anything above 55mph/85km/h trailer started to swing left and right.....I hated that..... had a few ideas why but I was willing to drive below 50/80 (sorry for the guys behind me....LOL)

                          Got home 11:20PM.....parked the boat in my driveway.....

                          All the sacrifice was worth it..... that arch.....that pulpit.....the lines......the beautiful glow around the boat...... I run out of bateries on my phone so just a few pics for now.....

                          An adventure and a half but was well worth it....cant wait to have time to start cleaning and getting ready for the season.....


                            Congrats on getting the boat! Even more, glad you made it home safely! I'm happy to see you purchased the appropriate trailer for the boat. Seeing the trailer your 21 footer was sitting on made my stomach turn when I thought of it carrying a 26 footer.


                              wow...the trailer in the pic looks very unsafe. No wonder it was swaying so bad.

                              Excited for you and your new boat...I know exactly how you feel. I can't get enough.

                              Get that hole fixed, get her cleaned up and get her in the water!!!

                              Have fun! Looks great!