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Riding the storm out ?Lets hope not!-gctid401146

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    Riding the storm out ?Lets hope not!-gctid401146

    This is another question pertaining to my trip down the Mississippi river. I always avoid storms If its gonna storm I stay home. Have I ever mentioned I have a fear of drowning? I'm not sure of the proper way to ride one out. I suppose the plan A would be to get to a safe harbor but at times that wont be an option. At that time what would plan B be any input would greatly be appreciated


    Generally, the boat will take a lot more abuse than you will be up to.

    The master mariners watch the weather VERY closely. On their route, they know of all the safe harbors along the way, so there's no delay running to shelter.

    Also, there's the Captains frame of mind. Keeping his head about himself when unexpected storms develop. The experienced Captain will move the boat in the right direction towards safety. Upon finding that route blocked, will quickly find an alternative and change course. While the experienced Captain is working calmly through the problems, the inexperienced Captain is making poor choices.

    I must say that we have an advantage out on the West Coast. We can count on howling winds every afternoon. Later the the evening, the winds reverse direction and howl from the oposite direction. So, we get used to crunching our way through the slop.


      ahhh yes weather is fun. at least being on the river, you have about a 100 yard swim in either direction to be on shore if the worst happens. Our conditions dont get too terribly bad (lake pepin can get massive waves though fyi) Plan your route, know your safe harbors. If you absolutly need to, just drive off the main channel a bit toward shore and dump anchor. Yes I know this goes against wing dams, but people do this for weekend trips also. I would make sure your anchor, windless, rode, etc are all good to go for anchoring in high winds just incase.

      We regularly go out during storms, its no big deal the only real worry for us is the wind. I have had my 3055 anchored in 60+ mph winds without issue (though fairly concerned). Just keep an eye on weather, if something nasty is coming dip into a marina if possible.

      Some people will also beach, I dont for storms I anchor. My 24' was good for beaching, but I found that my 3055's weight can pull sand spikes and bend them in half in high winds. Then in the middle of a storm I am running engines and trying to keep her straight on the beach which is really no fun at all. I have literally had my spare anchor out to the side, sand spikes out to both sides and the main anchor out to the front on the beach and had the boat pull them all out and try to float away. Heavy beast