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US Customs Decal - 2018 price increase

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    US Customs Decal - 2018 price increase

    Order your 2018 U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) decal before January 1, 2018. Homeland Security has announced a price increase effective January 1. The new price has not been established, the last increase in 2007 was 10%.

    Decal stickers are placed on all private vessels (30 feet or more in length) as proof of the User Fee payment for entry into the U.S. for the calendar year. Arriving vessels that do not have an annual decal are required to pay a per-arrival User Fee of $27.50, and complete an application for a decal. Until the application is processed and a decal arrives by mail and affixed to the boat, a User Fee is collected.

    Canadian and most foreign flagged vessels do not need a CBP decal and do not pay the $27.50 User Fee. Instead, Canadian and most foreign vessels pay a $19.00 fee when initially clearing U.S. Customs and then apply for a no-charge Cruising License (also known as a Cruising Permit) that is good for one year.

    For more information on U.S CBP see the 2018 Waggoner Cruising Guide and the U.S. CBP website.
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