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2006 185BR Trailer Tires-gctid400375

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    2006 185BR Trailer Tires-gctid400375

    Hey Guys, been awhile since I was here...The place looks really good! I bought my 185 new in 06 and the trailer really doesn't have that many miles on the tires as my lakes are at most 30 miles from my house. The left tire is worn badly on the inside and the right is worn on both outside edges with decent tread in the middle. I always check air pressures and lube the wheel bearings. What the heck I called a couple tire shops (Schwab and Big O) and was told my Loadstar

    K550 ST185/80 D13 tires are unavailable and I would have to change to a narrower tire. Holy Cow...Narrower? These wore out fast enough. Can I put real wheels and tires on my single axle trailer that I think should have been dually all along? Thanks and sorry about the rant. Tim

    These are on my Karavan trailer for a 2009 Bayliner 185

    ST 215 75 R14

    Easy to get.


      Can't really answer the why they wore the way they did but they are available in 2 different makes at

      When you need new tires, you can trust the experts at Tire Rack to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. Helpful tools and reviews make it easy. And delivery is super fast.

      I got my 2005 185 a bit over a year ago, so i can't really comment on tire wear. My ramp is about 4 miles from my house.


        if you want better handling of the trailer upgrade to 14" tires as they usually will fit too. I will do this on mine: 205/75R14. A heck of a difference, especially the radials. Even better would be the above mentioned 215/75R14 but they are more expensive. I am waiting for an online place to finally post the new stuff they have. $120 per wheel including an alloy rim. Left-overs from belly-up boat manufacturers and I don't care what name is on the rim.

        I wish I could get 15" tires under the fenders because then I would go LT tires, 215/75R15 but changing the fenders would be a horrible job. But they would have sufficient load rating and a much better ride. There's this fairy tale about Special Trailer service tires which equals quality so low it's to much risk to put them on a passenger vehicle.....

        Most likely the 13" tires aren't up to the load you put on them. My 175 is already at the upper limit for them (100lbs below). This can also cause a bad wear pattern.


          I also have an 06' with caravan trailer. My tires wear on the outsides, I'm on my second set. I too Never had much luck finding those tires in load range D. I replaced with goodyear marathon load range C and Run the pressure 10 LBs higher per my tire guy.

          I'm glad to see they've upgraded the tire on the newer ones. These trailer were under sized from the word go on these boats. I love my boat, hate the trailer though.


            I ordered a new set of wheels and a spare tire from this place at a reasonable price. Couldn't find the Loadstar tire in stock anywhere and all places that would order the tire were priced close to double what i paid from RecStuff.


              Thanks Guys. I got a set a bit smaller (radials) that should do me until I figure out why the inside of the left tire scrubs itself off while the right tire is ok. I think the axle on the trailer was installed incorrectly, my bet is the left side is trailing the right and causing the inside of the tire to wear quickly? Thanks again. Tim


                Youre right, they are probably out of alignment, or don't run true.

                Also, alot of people drag their passenger side trailer tires outside the lane and through all kinds of junk and debris because it usually sticks out farther than the tow vehicle (unless you have a fullsize truck), so they take a beating.

                As for the tires you change to, make sure that they are rated for the same weight or more than what you have on there now. Usually when you go up in size the capacity goes up too.