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Sliding deck chairs

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    Sliding deck chairs

    When I bought my boat, the PO had installed some sort of mat/carpet material and covered the cockpit in it. It gave a lot of traction, but was impossible to clean fish scales out of it and was "shedding" a fine black dust. I removed it and the cockpit looks nicer and is a lot easier to clean. But now my deck chairs slide around in moderate to heavy seas.

    Does anyone have suggestions for grippy feet I can add to my chairs? There are lots of no-scratch feet for protecting hardwood floors available online, but those look like the same type of hard rubber/plastic that are already on the chair feet. I think I need something softer like silicone, so it can really grip into the anti-skid texture of the cockpit floor. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    1994 2556, 350 MAG MPI Horizon, Bravo 2

    We bought little rubber feet at Walmart. They are super cheap and work great....
    here is a link

    2014 Double Eagle 176EXL. But we are not done with Bayliner yet…this is just to get us to and from our cottage in the Gulf Islands.