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    Outboard enclosure?!-gctid400240

    A friend wants to build an outboard enclosure, made of plywood/fiberglass or starboard, for his fishing boat. The thing would cover the sides, front and the top of the outboard motor. He read somewhere that this would help with sound and smoke.

    We started talking about this and I thought it was a bad idea because it would prevent air circulation. Wouldnt that overheat the engine? He countered: the motor is water-cooled, not air, and besides those sailboats often have outboards completely covered. I told him I would check with the experts.

    Has anyone ever seen an outboard enclosure? Is that a good idea?
    Rafael Figueira
    1998 Bayliner Capri 1800 LS

    It might help with noise if done right but how should it help with smoke? 2-strokes, especially the older ones, simply smoke through the exhaust......