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    Best air compressor for trailer tires-gctid400143

    I would like to get a small compressor to keep my trailer tires properly inflated. Going to gas stations is such a pain in the neck. Looking at various sites it looks like there are plenty of electric compressors that will inflate car tires, but I am wondering about something that will keep my trailer tires at 50 PSI?:arr

    As long as the compressor can go up to 50psi, anything ought to work, including the $20 Walmart specials. I don't have to air up more than once or twice a year--how often are you having to do this? Perhaps you've got some leaks somewhere (soapy water is good for finding leaks).

    Please note that with just about any kind of compressor that plugs into the 12v socket in the car, they are either a bit "slow" compared to a gas station's real air compressor, or, the 12v variety are "strong" enough that they blow fuses in your car etc... I had one even burn out the actual 12v socket in the car. Also, the wiring/hose length is typically NOT long enough for you to be able to have the trailer hooked up and be able to run the compressor from the car all the way back to the trailer tires. So, you might have to pull the vehicle up to the trailer and possibly have to pull up to each side of the trailer because there isn't enough length to run across from side-to-side.

    Short of spending $20-$50 for a cheap portable one, you can get an "under-the-hood" variety compressor. They will typically mount straight to the battery. These are often used by off-road enthusiast to air their truck's tires back up before driving on pavement again. This type of compressor will definitely cost a lot more though, and you have to have the clearance to mount the pump and have a place to store the hose.

    Personally, I would just go with the $20-$50 12V style for your scenario.


      Do you want to have the compressor portable and with you all the time? Or can it just stay in your garage?

      If you can keep it in your garage and pull it out 2 or 3 times a year, then why not get something like this:

      I have one similar, actually a Porter Cable, but it's essentially the same: a "pancake" air compressor. I use it for both cars and trailer.
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        I have one of these, it is much higher volume than the cheaper ones and the price is good.

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          the $20-$35 units (12V) I used so far all have a very short life span. Good for a few uses and then they are toast. It also takes forever to fill the tires up. The best one I used so far (besides the $300+ for offroaders) was the one which came with the admirals vehicle (no spare tire). Fast in getting up to 50PSI and so far reliable.

          If you want it for home use only a pancake compressor is the better choice.

          The MV50 has a mixed reputation amongst the offroad guys but at least it's reasonably priced. From the portable compressors the Viair300 is considered better but also 3 times the price: However, they use it sometimes 5 times a weekend to inflate large truck tires which naturally is a much higher stress than you have sometimes inflating the trailer tires.


            dktool wrote:
            I have one of these, it is much higher volume than the cheaper ones and the price is good.

            That is the same one I have!

            It works very well!

            I made a longer power cord (with heavier gauge wire) so I can reach all tires around my truck and the air bag inflation valves in my license plate.

            And for the boat trailer I just attach it to the boat battery.

            It uses alligator clips, not cigarette plug.