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Gone to the dark side

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    Gone to the dark side

    Been a Bayliner boater for 31 years. From our 1st powerboat, a 1 year old 1985 16' Capri Cuddy, followed the next year by a new 1986 19' Capri Cuddy, to the new 1992 2452, and finally the new 2007 285, we have been faithful Bayliner supporters and happy boaters. And the 285 was to be our last boat. Until last weekend.

    It actually started near the end of August where we had an enjoyable 3 day boating outing, involving the whole family, including 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-laws, and 4 grandchildren. 1st 2 days included a pontoon boat for the overflow, but the last day was 6 of them plus the Admiral and me on the 285. And that's when she said it. Near the end of the day she blurted out, "We need a bigger boat".

    Not that I took her seriously, but "just to play the game", that night after all had left, we checked out bigger boats on Boattrader. And that's how it started. 1st there was a 2000 32' Silverton sedan bridge a couple hours from home. We never went and looked at it, but we started thinking that style boat. After awhile, we decided it just didn't fit. And then, while looking through boats on Craigslist, mostly for my son-in-law who is hot to get back into boating, I run across this 2008 Rinker 330 EC. It had the open style aft, that we'd 1st seen on the Cruisers boats at a boat show 10 years ago, and always loved. And it was only 30 minutes from home. Well, it just snowballed from there. And we convinced ourselves a bigger boat would bring us more comfort in our senior years. So, this past weekend, we closed on the deal.

    Used the advice I've learned here and got a survey and sea trial. Took 6 hours. Broker (owner of Trade-A-Yacht Marina) said he'd never seen a survey take that long. (By the way, the Surveyor was complementary of Bayliners). It's got issues like any 10 year old boat, but at least I have some confidence in what they are, and what they probably are not.

    Likely, my daughter and son-in-law are buying the 285 next Spring. So I'll still consider myself in the Bayliner family, even if by extension. And we'll likely be often tied up with them out in the bay as they have already secured a dock for next year, 3 slips over from us.

    So I plan to continue checking in on this forum. And now just look forward to next Spring.


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    2008 Rinker 330 EC
    Twin 350 MAG Bravo 3
    2007 285 (sold)
    350 Horizon Bravo 3

    Rinker makes a really nice boat. I came close to buying a 342 in 2001 but passed and kept m 3055. Good luck with yours, very nice looking boat.
    Rick Grew

    2022 Stingray 182 SC

    2004 Past Commodore
    West River Yacht & Cruising Club


      No racists here, Spyderweb2!! You can own ANY boat and still be a "member-in-good-standing" with us . . . just have to visit us and keep us involved in your "goins' on" . . . and YES, the pictures sure help!! Nice boat, Rinkers are quite nice and made in Indiana (our home state) . . . almost had one last year too but we've got an even nicer Avanti now (3685) . . . . good luck and enjoy!!
      1998 Avanti 3685 - "Dad's Dream" w 454 Mercs - for sale - Dredge Harbor, NJ
      Former - "Home Aweigh" 2003 - 2452 Bayliner Cierra Classic Hardtop Cruiser
      WQQM835 MMSI: 338147209
      James H. Stradling


        She's a beauty!!! We had looked at Rinkers for numerous years before we bought our Avanti 3685.