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    2455 Ciera - Camper Top / Enclosure for rain-gctid827344


    I have been searching for a camper top / enclosure for rain on my Ciera 2455 (year 2000).

    What I have from the previous owner is a bimini top and 4 independent clear plastic pieces, however they do not seem to fit together or at least leave one side of the boat exposed.

    We tried to figure them out a week ago while being on the water down in Charleston SC (in the rain lol).

    Any help or advise is appreciated - maybe we were just putting them together in the wrong order? Pictures can be provided if needed.

    Thank you. G.

    The enclosure on my 2001 2455 fits quick snugly. The previous owner did not use them very often so I believe they probably shrunk a little. When I initially fitted them on, it was a struggle and now I just leave them on all the time. I have removed them a couple times and I believe they stretched out a little because they are easier to install now. Couple things I've noticed that may help you:


    [li]Make sure the Bimini top is evenly dispersed on the frame so that one side isn't pulled more left or right than the other[/li]

    [li]For the side curtains, I usually get each zipper started (zipped in maybe an inch) and then put the snaps on. When the snap are in place, you can zip the rest of each zipper. This is generally easier[/li]

    [li]For the front clear curtain, again start the zippers at the top and then put the snaps/twist fasteners into place. Do not attach the fasteners that are applied along the middle flip open window yet. Finish zipping the zippers. Next, use the Swedish method for attaching the flip up window fasteners (named after my Swedish friend who taught me this trick). Push open the flip open window a couple inches and faster the fasteners/snaps. They go on really slick like that. You can then close the window and lock it. [/li]

    [li]Finally, as stated, keep your canvas set up on the boat for a while so it stretches out a little. keep stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.[/li]


    Also, invest in a canvas top snapper tool. Use this to assist in pulling snaps ends together:

    2001 Bayliner Ciera 2455


      Thanks. But I think I'm missing a side. Or does yours cover everything around you? Does yours go over the Bimini or is the Bimini the roof? How many pieces are there total on yours? I've counted 4 plastic sections here...


        For some visual reference you can search Bayliner 245 or 2455 images on the internet, you should see how the top(s) is mounted and how much is enclosed. There is a half top forward with three curtains to cover the front half of the cockpit. There is also a extension of the top with three (or four if you have a split rear curtain) more curtains to enclose the rear half of the cockpit.

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          Mine only covers the front and the sides of the forward half of my cockpit. I have a second top that covers the read half, but I do not have side or back curtains for that area. It all depends on what either came with your boat or what the PO had bought and installed.

          If you want to post up a couple pictures of what you have, it might be easier to see what you're up against.
          2001 Bayliner Ciera 2455


            Finally managed to lay it out and take some pictures. I've been dragging on this for too long.

            Any thoughts?


              If they are a very snug fit, you may want to try leaving them in the sun for a couple of hours prior to installation. From your pic it appears you have all of the pieces. That is what I have on my 2455, however it is a 1988 model!
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              1988 2455 Ciera


                We had a similar issue when we purchased our 2655 last year. While the windshield and rear curtain pieces seemed to fit, there was no way to get the side curtains to zip on. And, the windshield and rear curtains, while zipping on to the Bimini, did not fit as they should. Turned out the boatyard had removed the Bimini assembly, and when the reinstalled it, the had it on backwards!! Also, turns out the top is essentially a square, but the zippers are such that they only work with the side curtains if it is on the frame correctly, and the frame is on the boat correctly. As stated, check out some net pics of your model. That's what we did and once we saw the Bimini frame issue it all went together as it was supposed to. Also, we had to loosen every frame clamp and ensure everything was centered as also mentioned above. Loosen all the frame clamps (small screws in the plastic clamp) and put it all together, then pushed it all into place from underneath the Bimini and then tighten the clamp screws.
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                  Originally posted by Gerd1ff View Post
                  Finally managed to lay it out and take some pictures. I've been dragging on this for too long.

                  Any thoughts?
                  I have the same boat and Bimini. You have the full set there for the main Bimini. The large piece attaches to the rear of the Bimini and drops down and offers a ford behind the helm seat so it covers half of the back deck.


                    PS I just returned home today from a fairly rough and windy journey and the wind tore the zips out of my front plastics. Mine is also a 2000 model. I'd suggest having them all re stitched so you don't end up like I did today - very wet