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    We are just wondering is it possible to turn a car engine into a marine engine? and what changes would that entail?

    First, you want a truck block and heads. All of the freeze plugs are marine specific (at least that's how it was as I was growing up), the intake manifold, I believe is different as is the cam and distributor.

    Going to the local parts store and buying a car or truck motor to install in a boat is a bad plan. There are a bunch of small seemingly insignificant differences getting to that marine motor.
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      Casting plugs are brass/bronze

      Different head gaskets

      Different intake gaskets

      Different pistons

      Different cam

      Different alternator

      Different starter

      Different Distributor

      Different carb (or fuel injection)

      Different fuel pump

      Different fuel lines

      Different water pump
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        Many car engines have been turned into marine engines. If you're talking chevy 350 than no custom work is needed. Are you talking about taking a cheap junk yard engine and slapping it in a boat?

        Or are you thinking Toyota 22re or other Japanese or Volkswagen TDI, than you'll have to fabricate your own stainless water cooled exhaust and plumb the cooling system into a heat exchanger. And of course you'll have to have the flywheel machined to match an outdrive coupler.

        The TDI engine is popular because it is cheap and plentiful. There are a few sites dedicated just to converting diesels to marine use.

        More info is needed on what engine.
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