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    2859 Bow thruster-gctid825936

    Hello to everyone. Well the boat is out for the winter. This winters projects are engine rebuild, new fuel tank, transom repair, larger swim grid, and......a bow thruster.

    This is my question after searching around. I would like to put the thruster in the forward bow storage area. I'm not using it anyways. The rear forward area has my house batteries, and some other stuff. I would like not to move them! Does anyone have and first hand experience in this location? Its a lewmar with a 5 1/2 hole size. In my thinking I'm right on the cusp of being too close to the surface and too close to the bottom. But it's nice and far forward. I'm aware of the possibility of cavitation from the top but also too close to the bottom isn't good.

    Anyways, thoughts???

    I want to drill and cut soon!!


    It's good to place the thruster as deep as possibly but there are a few things to remember.

    Distance from lower portion of tube to the bottom should not be less than 1/3 of tunneldiameter.

    Ideal length of tunnel is 2-4 times the tunneldiameter.

    Take a look at my topic "Bow Thruster in 2452".
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      My thruster is in the Mid cargo compartment. Just under the WL which in docking situations is fine. I've used it while positioning for pulling shrimp pots and it was hit or miss in the waves.

      97 2859


        Hi Dave, icewaker installed one in his 2859, No. 4 in the 2859 owners post.
        Slightly modified 2859 6.5 Diesel Bravo III X drive
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          Thanks Fritz. Dave it won't work in the front compartment, to high up and will over rev. Might work in flat water but thats not when you need it. You may have a false bottom in the back one mine did. Check my post (bow thruster install on 2859) Flemming
          1994 2859, volvo kad 42 230hp Dawson CK. BC