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Fuel Gauge Not Lighting Up (brand new)-gctid825493

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    Fuel Gauge Not Lighting Up (brand new)-gctid825493

    Old gauge was stuck on full and wasn't lighting up. Bought a new gauge and a new sender unit and all new wiring. 2001 Bayliner Capri. Tested the power to the unit using a voltmeter and the power wire heading into the unit is getting power. But the gauge is stuck on empty and is not lighting up. The gauge has a backlight but it is not lighting up. All new wiring, all new gauge and sender. There is a power wire (Blue/yellow) a ground (Yellow) a sender (Pink) and an ignition wire (purple) going to the gauge. Not sure what the problem could be. Does anyone have any ideas? I feel like the gauge should at least be lighting up.

    Try grounding the sense wire if the gauge does not move it's a dud take it back.
    1997 Maxum 2400 SCR 5.7LX Bravo II