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    2859 windshield leak-gctid825389

    Re-post from April. .

    .. Still I have a leak coming from 2 of the bolts holding the (front) windshield in place. Moving the headliner (monkey fir) I found 2 of the bolts appear to have been broken off, the nut is missing the the bolt is about even with the fiberglass. The bolts are such that I cannot get a nut on them in their current condition. I will need to grind some of the fiberglass away, gently, and try to get a nut to seat on the bolt......

    What I am wondering,,,,, has anyone seen what these bolts look like? The bolt head I mean.... Checking around the windshield from the deck I cannot see a bolt head anywhere, looking in the rain weep holes and after removing the rubber window trim doesn't help,,, no sign of the bolts at all.....

    Is the bolt welded to the bottom of the window frame?

    If I cannot get a nut on the bolts,,, what might be other options for getting the leak to stop? Possibly removing the window's rubber gasket and using something (caulk, miracle tape) to seal the window and frame to stop water from entering the window frame?
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    I have not had the window assembly apart, planning on that later, most window frames on boats have a T slot on the bottom and the bolts slide in, looking at my setup - installation my thoughts are to remove front and side windows plus top in one unit. Then broken bolts and leaks can be addressed, my windows leak on the sides, so I will need to get -er- done and at the same time refinish the dash lots of stress cracks on my dash.
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      Hmmmm,, a T slot , I hadn't thought of that.... I have an email in to Bayliner,, and I'm going to call them, customer service, soon....... The bolts that I can see, not the bolt head, are rather small to have been used to secure these bug Windows and frame. Not to mention that the hardtop sets on top of them...

      Was hoping someone that had their windows apart would chime in to let me know for sure what the bolt set up is before I go tearing into this myself.... There is no way to get to the bolt head, what ever that is, to get some silicone on it....

      And,,, I just installed a brand new engine, 383 stoker,, I need to get the leaks fixed so I can do some traveling...
      Sometimes there's Justice, sometimes there's just us.


        Let us know how that 383 works! Been curious about that motor in a 2859!
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