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    2655 fuel tank cleaning-gctid823846

    Hello all im back with a new problem. I have 92 2655 with 5.7 merc. I have installed a new/used motor. Been out 5 to 8 times with no problems. Till now, went to the lake for the weekend drove out to the middle to become a foating island and enjoy the day. Ruff waters more than normal due to so many boats out. We floated/rocked around for 3 to 5 hrs. No radio going no power. For them hrs, just relaxing. Went to leave rolled the throttle on half way i could feel the motor lug down like it was not getting fuel. Stuffed it and the boat died. Started it up it seemed a little on the rpm by my ear anyways. Started it up didnt roll it on just went to throttle harder and it had a small stumble then good running? Day 2 started just fine went back to floating way home same thing roll on throttle and could feel it strugle again stuffed it good to go. Im thinking its the fuel pick up line in tank is getting cloged. Whats the best way to do this. My idea is to get a fuel save pump attatch a hose to 1 end and start to suck it out. Im wondering if i just leave the hose in 1 spot to suck it up or would it be better to move the hose around as it sucks to help clean the bottom? Any info on best way to clean the tank without removel would be great! Thanks in advance all

    First, do what's simple and replace your fuel fiter(s). That you can get part throttle before bogging is very typical. Even if you installed a new one as you installed the new to the boat engine, it's the first place to look and, even if you go the tank cleaning route you will want to change the filter(s).

    If changing the filters doesn't get the job done and/or you decide to get the tank cleaned and fuel polished, yes you do both, I used a company called fuel care. I found them to be excellent. It is to your advantage to have the tank low on fuel because the cost goes up by the number of gallons they are dealing with. They access the tank by removing the sending unit, then they remove all of the fuel to portable drums, clean the tank by essentially inserting a gasoline pressure washer, inspect, filter the fuel as it is pumped back into the tank, cleanup, button up then show you what all they found. They will also advise you about where to buy you boat gas.
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      Post # 4 ... Search works most of the time around here.
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        "Chief Alen" post=823877 wrote:
        Post # 4 ... Search works most of the time around here.
        Thanks chief. I thought id be tracking down some sort of gunk off the bottom. My dumb butt never thought of water possibly in my fuel.


          You don't need anybody to fix that tank and you can do it yourself. Just disconnect your battery power and take out the six or eight screws that hold the sending unit in place and pull it up out of there. You can shine a light on inside and see what's floating around in there Including water. If you can get a siphon going somehow you can suck everything out yourself simply taking out the bad stuff as you see it.

          Of course is all things gasoline go use your best judgment with metallic objects that cause Sparks and such. No battery drill drivers either Then go ahead and check and change all your filters.