[/ol]I have a Contessa 2850 completely restored. Following members advice I installed a Volvo KAD44 diesel with a Volvo duoprop tail. results have been magnificent!!! 36 knots max speed and dos 20 knots just at 2750 rpms consuming 20 liters per hour! Couldn't have wished for anything better.

As I trawl 25 miles from the coast in a dangerous area (strait of Gibraltar) I'm always worried about motor or tail problems, so I have decided to install a Yamaha Enduro 40hp as an auxiliary (do you call it this way?) motor. I have a completely new unit and I believe it would have enough power to bring the boat back to port at 8/10 knots....

Has anyone done something similar? IS it to big?

I would need ideas of how to do it. Information of how strong the support should be, size, positioning, etc...

This is the boat

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