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My 2004 2302, questions galore!!-gctid399364

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    My 2004 2302, questions galore!!-gctid399364

    Hi all!

    OK Here goes!

    1. The cushions in the Cabin, with the FLAPS attached, where do they go!! ??

    2. How doe the Live Well fill with water and how do you turn on the pump/Aerator?

    3. Where is the Fresh Water fill for the 7 gallon hold?

    4. My portable Head has a White hose coming off of it, I assume its going into a hold? If so how do you pump that out??

    5. The raw water wash down, I assume that is what the hose connection is at the base of the Live Well? How do you turn on that pump?

    SORRY!! I bought the boat from a dealer that was consignment selling and as you can see were more interested in SELLING it than explaining how it worked!!!


    Kevin Parker


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    You can download various manual from here:

    If the engines are sound, that is a very good year for the 2302.

    The bait well has two thru-hulls in the cabin. One under the cabinetry by the door. The other is down in the cave, under the passenger seat. You would remove 4 screws to a plywood cover to gain access to this thru-hull and live well pump.

    Some of the cushions with flaps were used for the benches in the back of the boat. A round shaped cushion was on the front of the cuddy cabin.

    There should be a round, chrome "fill" on the deck for the fresh water fill. Another chrome cap for the head pump out. The fuel fill is on the transom.

    The helm should have a switch for the livewell. Very often the switch, fuse or pumps need replacing. Inspect the hoses very carefully for leaks. Leaks below decks with sink you.

    Closely inspect the PVC Plastic thru-huls in the transom for freeze cracks. Water can come in through these cracks and "sink you".

    You have a forward bilge pump which may need replacing. You'll have a pump in the back of the boat. In an I/O, it's under the engine. Not sure where it's at in the OB boats. But in any case, I've had to replace my Bilge pumps with new, larger pumps.