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Cross-tie boat @ lake cabin overnight?-gctid821910

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    Cross-tie boat @ lake cabin overnight?-gctid821910

    2017 VR5 - Lake Pend Oreille, ID

    So at our cabin the boat trolley (carriage) is broken. It will require some extensive repairs which we will conduct to the track and trolley this winter when the water has gone down.

    In the meantime, we want to go up to the cabin and spend the night. Normally, we always bring the boat up and out of the water on the trolley in the evening.

    This is on Lake Pend Oreille, which is a rather deep and (can be) a rather rough lake at times.

    One option I had considered was cross tying the boat for an overnight stay. I would cross tie it between the end of the dock (pier) on cleats and on shore around a medium size tree.

    I was looking for feedback on whether this is a crazy idea or not.

    I've attached a drawing of my idea. It's not good art, sorry, but I think you'll get the point.

    Not crazy, but if chop comes in towards the shore, the boat will be rolling a lot taking it sideways.

    Do you leave it tied to the dock during the day?

    No anchor?

    When I left my boat at my friends house on the lake, I anchored it near the dock then backed in towards the dock and got off. I tied a line to the stern then pushed it away and tied the other end of the line to the dock so I could pull the boat back to the dock. Only reason I didn't leave it tied to the dock was my friend wouldn't let me. My boat was a 2252 and he was worried it was to big for the dock if it got windy or choppy.
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      I will usually leave it tied to the dock during the day, but if a storm would come up then I'd put it on the trolley to get it out of the water. Depending on wave direction, the chop will cause the boat to slam up against the dock and cause damage to the boat, which is why I wouldn't want it to remain tied to the dock overnight.

      The cross tie idea would be mostly for overnight in the event a storm came up on the lake. The boat would still take a thrashing, but it wouldn't be thrashing up against anything.