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    V P sterndrive relays-gctid821850

    Hi All, I am very new to the forum. Recently bought my first Bayliner. A 1985 Trophy 2460 Cuddy. I have a question about sterndrive tilt relays. There are two, are they the same relay? My sterndrive will not come up and I suspect the up relay. Any help would be appreciated.

    If this is a 280 style stern drive, that will be a Lift Out unit only.

    Yes..... the two relays within the black plastic relay box will be the same.

    They are nothing more than an industry standard 30/40 amp 5 Pin Relay.

    However, you must find the 5 pin relay in the small body style, such as Bosch ( the larger body styles will not fit into the black plastic relay box)

    Take one of your non-plastic body Bosch relays with you and match it up.

    OK..... if relay replacement does not correct the problem, then it is likely that someone has operated the electric motor with the Micro-Switch circumvented.

    This can/will damage the cast iron clutch component.

    Symptoms: Motor operates but no vice rod retraction or extension.

    Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
    2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
    Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
    Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
    Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set

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      Not sure about VP but my Merc Alpha One used two identical for up, and one for down. The "down" solenoid was wired with a green wire (green as in "down toward the ground), and the "up" solenoid was wired with a blue wire (blue as in "up toward the sky").